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Myanmar travel guide

Myanmar travel guide promises to be your best advisor for you to plan your travel to Myanmar much better. Myanmar travel is not only a chance to discover the beauty of Buddha but also oppotunity to experience a primitive land with thousand mysterious temples. A lot of things to do in Myanmar for you to see. Just go and experience! For further, check out our Southeast Asia travel guide to get more advices.

Myanmar – Best Place for Scuba Diving

diving in myanmar

With the stunning coastline of more than 2,000 km along the Gulf of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Myanmar is an ideal place for water – based activities, especially scuba diving. Most of beaches in Burma still remain pristine and untouched with the diverse marine life and stunning natural landscape. In …

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Why Should You Take a River Cruise in Burma?

Irrawaddy or Ayeyarwady River is known as the bloodline of Myanmar running through most parts of the country as well as the most famous tourist attractions. Here are the reasons why you should take a cruise trip on this special waterway. 1. Come Close to the Riverside communities Burmese people …

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Two Weeks Itinerary for Myanmar

Two Weeks Itinerary for Myanmar

Myanmar is a place where people go to spend time with their loved one, most of the time it is hard for people when they are going to a foreign country. When it comes to local cities, then we can get many relatives or friends who might have visited the …

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The wonderful Myanmar’s Islands and Cruise Tips

wonderful Myanmar's Islands and Cruise Tips

The Mid Miscos islands arranged at the outrageous northern most purpose of the Archipelago, seaward from Maungmagan Shoreline. These Islands are not some portion of the Mergui confined territory and are straightforwardly available. Get to can be masterminded by dealing with a squid vessel proprietor. It takes barely two hours to get to the Islands from Maungmagan Shoreline. Ensure the vessel you enlist is fit for sailing, has floatation devices and take a lot of water. The islands are shrouded in a wilderness and generally have a rough coastline with various little sandy shorelines on the south eastern side. There is no convenience or sustenance accessible on the islands so just day trip are accessible now.

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Steps to get a Visa for Myanmar trip

Getting a Myanmar visa is easier than ever thanks to the advanced eVisa system launched in late 2014. Now travelers can apply and pay online for tourist visas before they arrive. Prior to the electronic visa system, travelers had to visit an embassy to obtain a visa. Myanmar is one …

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5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Theingyi Zei | 5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Myanmar is not only a country of pagodas and temples or architecture or sculpture, it’s a country of good markets too where you can buy the authentic and exceptional items. There are so many small and large markets in Myanmar especially in Yangon where large numbers of people including local …

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The Experience You Have to Try in Myanmar

Myanmar 5

Wearing a traditional dress, visiting Golden Temple or walking on the longest wooden bridge in the world … are the interesting experience in Myanmar. If you go to Myanmar, don’t miss the experience below. Climb to the top of Mandalay and chat with monks in English Climbing to the top …

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Essentials you need to carry for Myanmar trip

Nowadays, a country like Myanmar is slowly and gradually coming into every travelers list over the most recent few decades. The nation – sandwiched amongst India and the backbones of Southeast Asia – absolutely has what’s coming to it’s of marvelous things to see, however. You can encounter the excited …

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Useful Tips for Your Myanmar Trip 2017

Myanmar trip 2017

If you have chosen Myanmar as your next holiday destination then we should appreciate your choice as Myanmar is one of the greatest places to visit in the world. But we know that you’re not familiar with the country and you’re a little nervous and anxious how to do and …

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The Lenged about Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple 2

The Dhammayangyi temple stands magnificently among Bagan’s time and space. Although the temple has not been completed, it contains a lot of mysteries – and these mysteries have attracted a large number of tourists to Myanmar. Today, the Burmese archaeology has listed more than 2,000 temple ruins within 42 km2. …

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