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3 Best Hotels of Stunning View in Sapa

Staying at hotels in Sapa, you would probably realize that they capture the distinguishing features of the mountainous area in the North West of the country. There is one thing needs to be mentioned that these hotels offered different prices, so you definitely choose the best one to you.

1. U-Sapa Hotel

Sapa 1

Located at 8 Cau May Street, designed in a French architectural style that is harmoniously embedded with local cultural identity, U-Sapa Hotel is undoubtedly an ideal place of stay for both local and foreign tourists. Additionally, the hotel is currently providing 57 rooms that meet the international standard of a 4 – star room. Therefore, they are fully equipped with high – class services such as a restaurant, a bar, a gym room, and a library.

Sapa 2

Sapa 3

Grasping an ideally geological location of which the front heads out to the stone church and Cau May Street, all the rooms of the hotel feature a stunning view. Staying at the hotel, you definitely hold panoramic views of the surrounding nature of the town, travelers on the central street when standing at the balcony of your room. Moreover, might greet the panorama of the immense mountains and forest of this amazing land.

2. Amazing Sapa Hotel

Sapa 4

Featuring European architectural style, Amazing Sapa Hotel captures the attention of tourists by its luxury and unique modern design. The hotel has 82 rooms that are equipped with modern facilities, so it promises to satisfy your need of accommodation and relaxation at the same time. It’ s worth mentioning that you certainly hold panoramic of the surrounding natures from the airy window of your room.

Sapa 5

Sapa 6

In addition, the hotel offers s a beautiful indoor swimming pool where you can indulge yourself into the clear blue water and enjoy a good cup of cocktails on the benches heading out to the romantic and poetic Sa Pa town.

3. Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa

Seizing the title of one of the most beautiful and luxury hotels in Sapa, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is located in an extremely prime location right in the heart of Sapa, spreads over a large area, and grasps an airy space.

Sapa 8

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa is currently offering 77 rooms, from luxury rooms to family rooms with the aim of satisfying the growing need of relaxation of travelers.

Sapa 9

The resort captures the eyes of tourists by traditional wooden houses in the mountainous region that feature high ceiling and elaborate stone carvings. Especially, the warming area definitely enables you to enjoy the coziness and hospitability during the cold winter.

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