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The 5 Best Cafes in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand is not only famous for its many beautiful temples, colorful festivals, vibrant markets … but also hundreds of cafes.

It is not easy to choose a comfortable place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea among hundred of café, but please try the following places:

1. Graph Cafe

Cafes in Chiang Mai 1

This is a small cafe located in the heart of Chiang Mai and crowded. Decorated in a simple European style, the Graph Cafe has plenty of water to suit the weary traveler, which is typically cold coffee with the main ingredients being alcohol, coffee and Nitro gas. You will definitely not be able to forget the feeling of calm, cool and alert. This is also the best cafe to enjoy this special drink.

The restriction of the bar is that the space is quite small, so you have the high possibility of having to queue for seats in the bar.

2. Akha Ama La Fattoria

Cafes in Chiang Mai 2

The first thing you notice when you enter a restaurant is the detail of everything, from furniture to coffee products. You can think of coffee here as a way of life rather than a simple drink. This is also one of the most popular coffee shops in Chiang Mai.

In addition to coffee, the restaurant also serves a variety of drinks and various foods with excellent quality. The owner of this café, Mr. Le Ayu, cooperates with coffee growers in the area and helps them in their cultivation, marketing and marketing. Enjoying coffee here not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks but also to help the farmers in Chiang Mai.

3. Doppio Ristr8o

Cafes in Chiang Mai 3

Possessing an impressive name, this café is a place famous for coffee connoisseurs in Thailand. If you are a fan of ristretto, surely this place will not disappoint you.

With the formula of 50% is espresso and the remaining 50% will be decided by you doses, you can rest assured about the drink prepared for yourself. In addition to its signature brand, the Doppio Ristr8o is one of the most well-known coffee shops here with a wide variety of drinks.

4. The Nimmanian Club

Cafes in Chiang Mai 4

This is a relatively interesting place when bartenders and barista work together. Surely you will experience many things never known. With the space inside the bar looking like a bar and an eye-catching menu, you will feel like you’re not in a coffee shop. You can order traditional coffee such as espresso or try new drinks here.

5. Omnia Café

Cafes in Chiang Mai 5

This is probably the cafe that owns everything at a relatively high level. They can make all kinds of drinks with the best quality. By roasting coffee directly at the restaurant, you will be able to witness your own drink made from the finest ingredients.

You can enjoy both types of coffee: one phase with hot water and one with cold water. If you are fond of coffee, do not hesitate to buy a cup of coffee. You can learn how to enjoy coffee in the bar and learn more about the new coffee when coming here.

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