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5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Myanmar is not only a country of pagodas and temples or architecture or sculpture, it’s a country of good markets too where you can buy the authentic and exceptional items. There are so many small and large markets in Myanmar especially in Yangon where large numbers of people including local citizens and tourists visit to buy something. Such places are well-built and contain so many traditional as well as cultural items which you should buy if you are visiting Myanmar.

We’ll discuss the most prominent markets in Myanmar which really exceptional and contain unique selling items like Buddha portrait images, handicraft, artwork and so on.

Let’s take a look at these markets and what is special in such markets :

Bogyoke Market

Bogyoke Market - 5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Bogyoke Market is situated in Myanmar’s largest city Yangon. It is the largest market in the largest city of Myanmar with almost 2000 shops. It’s known by its British name Scott Market. Bogyoke Market is well-built where you will need half of your day to explore its wonderful shops and the markets. The market contains exceptional range of handicrafts and souvenirs, Shan shoulder bags, jewelry, and slippers. You’ll find variety of tailors where you can order your Myanmar’s traditional outfit Longyi and other outfits according to your size.

Theingyi Zei

Theingyi Zei | 5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Theingyi Zei has located in Yangon again. It’s of the most renowned market in Yangon especially known for herbal, medicines and cosmetics items. You can find variety of herbal items like herbal shampoo at Yangon. This place is well-known for traditional herbs made by Burmese. If you want glowing and shining hairs then you should visit Theingyi Zei once to buy herbal item.

Central Market, Pyay

Central Market, Pyay

Now other than Yangon, Pyay is another place where you’ll find a popular market known as Central Market. This market is spread over blocks and contains a temple dedicated to goddess Guan. You will find clay water pots and wood items in Central Market. The market is also famous for its colorful gesture. A large amount of people visits Central Market in Pyay to get the feeling of Myanmar’s life.

Jade Market

Jade Market

If you want to see the beauty of stone and gems in Myanmar then you must visit Jade market which is located at Mandalay. Jade market is one of the most prominent markets in Myanmar where large numbers of people visit to see and buy the antique gems and stones. You will find variety of stones and gems at Jade market and can see the vendors cutting and polishing the stones outside. It’s a great market for the people having interest in gems and stones.

Zegyo Market

Zegyo Market | 5 Prominent Markets in Myanmar

Although Zegyo is not that prominent market it’s an old and important market situated in Mandalay. Zegyo market is good for daily item needs like you can buy fruits, vegetables, and other daily needs. Market is good with so many shops and purchasing item. It’s a great place to visit for daily items. It’s worth to visit the market early morning as all shops remain open and active.

So, the above are the most popular markets of Myanmar based in Yangon and Mandalay. You can visit such markets to see the real market culture of Myanmar. You can buy variety of items from these markets and bring them home.

Myanmar is a country of culture and tradition where you will find cultural and traditional item in the form of handcrafts, artwork and so on. You will artistic items and images in the market of Myanmar which you can buy to bring Myanmar into your home land.

Once you reach Myanmar, you will start exploring variety of markets from small to big. All these markets accept debit/credit cards and U.S. dollar as cash. But it will be good if you bring Burmese kyat to get the right value of your money as people who transact in USD in Myanmar get a little loss. So you should exchange your currency to Kyat at authorized money exchangers.

You will get correct return of your currency and this will also reduce the chances of loss. Also, you can bring debit/credit cards and make payment from it to avoid theft and interruptions in cash payments. Your card must be international usage enabled before making any transaction. In case your cards do not support international payment, then you should apply for it before starting your journey to Myanmar. It will be beneficial for you to make payment through cards and it will be beneficial to bring cards to avoid problems in handling your native currency, although you may bank charge certain amount of money on international transactions.

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