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A day in Chiang Rai night market

Chiang Rai is an ancient province of Thailand with unique historical values. When going to Chiang Rai, you will learn more about the culture, the nature of this spiritual masterpiece land. To get to Chiang Rai, you must travel by plane to Bangkok – the capital of Thailand and then from the capital for a flight to Chiang Rai. In general, the path is not too difficult.

Chiang Rai
Chiang Rai

To discover Chiang Rai completely, travelers should rent a motorbike or bicycle. With those vehicles, you can reach all the large roads or the narrow roads that contain many interesting things in Chiang Rai. Chiang Rai is milder and more comfortable than Bangkok. This is the northernmost point of Thailand so it is still pristine, not widely known. So with the tourists who do not like the noisy and like to discover and learn, Chiang Rai is extremely the ideal destination.

Besides the famous places in Chiang Rai that help you feel relaxed, the night market Chiang Rai is also the place that makes your trip completely. A visit to famous sites such as the Golden Triangle, pagodas, temples and you can experience local life and enjoy delicious cuisine, then your journey is really perfect.

Night Market in Chiang Rai
Night Market in Chiang Rai

A trip to explore northern Thailand from Chiang Mai stopping at Chiang Rai, ending the journey at the weekend night market in Chiang Rai will certainly make the whole group surprised and excited about the experience of life. Ethnic minority here. Below, I will introduce you interesting things in this night market.
Meetings on two roads located in the central Chiang Rai, Chiang Rai weekend night market began to bustle visitors from 5 pm. Compared to Chiang Mai’s endless Chiang Mai weekend market, Chiang Rai’s night market is still full of “local delicacies”. This is the unique feature that you can only witness and feel when you arrive here.

Chiang Rai night market is on the way but very orderly, neat, clean and divided into separate dining areas, souvenir shops, and local products. The market is crowded but not as noisy as other markets. In particular, you will not see in the Chiang Rai night market the screams that only laughter, the voice enough to hear the seller of the buyer.

Thai people are gentle and friendly, and the people in Chiang Rai are even more friendly and gentle, so the night market here is extremely comfortable and pleasant. Traveling to Chiang Rai in general and visiting the night market in particular, you can take pictures as much as you want and get a lot of friendly smiles from the sellers.

Particularly for the Chiang Rai food market, it is possible to assert that food is so much that you just do not have the energy to try it. The people here sell all kinds of Thai dishes cooked to the taste of the north from somtam, pad Thai, mango sticky rice, noodles, green curry, tom yum to foreign dishes such as sushi, cake pancakes, octopus. They are cooked cleanly and deliciously that they make tourists’ mouth water.

Chiang Rai weekend market also has a large area is spread sedge mat for guests sitting outside. This is different from the other night markets that all Chiang Rai tourists enjoy and everyone wants to sit out there and enjoy Thai delicacies with cheap price and great quality.

The local food in Chiang Rai Night Market
The local food in Chiang Rai Night Market

At night, the night market is extremely bustling. There are small “stage” performances of the pupils to raise money for scholarships for poor students. Besides, the elderly also perform fundraising for volunteer activities and in the middle of the market, there is a large area with a high flock. It is the place where the monks are spraying the Buddhist for national security. Thai people are very crowded in this area. The happiest thing is at the end of the night market. When the market is closed, the large yard near the market with music rises and along with the music is the fun dances of Thai tourists. All of the people dance together swinging and shaking to the music that makes the atmosphere effervescent.

If you have traveled to Thailand and have time to explore this golden pagoda, do not forget to explore the most authentic life and unique food and Chiang Rai night market.

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