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4 Beautiful Ancient Villages in Hanoi You Should Visit

Duong Lam ancient village

The ancient village of Duong Lam is located in the town of Son Tay, about 50km from Hanoi center. This is a quaint village with old red tile roofs. Coming to this village, there will be plenty of people surprised to learn that there are many ancient houses which are more than 300 years old.

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Duong Lam ancient village attracts tourists by brick paths, unique laterite walls, water well, communal houses and majestic temples. Moreover, this is also “the land of 2 Kings” (means the birthplace of 2 kings in Vietnamese istory), with two temples of Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen King. Here, you can visit the ancient village and a visit to the ancient citadel of Son Tay which is about 3 km from the village.

Guests can go Duong Lam ancient village at any time of year, but if you come here in the harvest season (May or Sep) you will see villages’ roads strewn with straw, where you are spoiled for photography and enjoy the atmosphere.

Cu Da Village

Cu Da ancient village is a destination of Hanoi for those who love to explore the architecture, or want to learn about the history of Vietnam, the traditional villages, or simply enjoy the peaceful setting, felt like time stands still. Located 20 km away from Hanoi to the west, the Cu Da ancient village is in Cu Khe Commune, Thanh Oai district, an attractive tourist attractions during the weekend.

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Not only having the traditional Vietnamese houses, Cu Da ancient village also has duplexes in French-style, built about a hundred years ago. The village remains the old trees, communal house, temple, village entrance, the old houses … and makes the visitors feel like going back in time. In addition to the houses, Cu Da ancient village also has many communal houses, pagodas and shrines which are rated as National heritage.

Uoc Le Village

Located in the Tan Uoc Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi city, Uoc Le ancient village is famous for the traditional craft of making sausage. The village is also the pride of many people thanks to architectural characteristics of ancient Vietnamese village, the village gate, the houses, the communal house, the market which is also kept completely original appearance from hundreds of years ago.

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Coming to Uoc Le ancient village, you also have the opportunity to learn about the traditional crafts of the village – Vietnamese sausage which has become a trademark of the land. It is not only a tasty dish, it also contains the village culture and the stories associated with the history of the people here.

Dong Ngac Village

Dong Ngac Village, also known as Ke Ve or Ve Village (village of painters), located on the banks of the Red River, close to Thang Long Bridge. It features an ancient beauty of the bricks alleys. Many tourists are very surprised to come here because the village retains the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese countryside even it’s only about 10 km from the city center.

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Visiting Dong Ngac, visitors will also be introduced to the lineage halls of many clans such as Phan, Pham, Hoang, Do, Nguyen which are still be well preserved with many valuable relics by the people here.

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