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Ban Than Cliff – “Ly Son of Quang Nam”

Ban Than cliff in Nui Thanh district easily makes visitors think of the beach in the small island of Ly Son. However, this landscape even has more unique features.

Tam Hai Island commune (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province) is located on an area surrounded by vast sea and strong waves. The ferry will take visitors to the locality where is home to more than 2,000 households with more than 8,000 inhabitants. Tam Hai commune is as idyllic as other island communes where are peaceful with footpaths, shady coconut trees and small houses …

Locals often say that, if you go to Tam Hai without visiting Ban Than cliff, you will be considered not to set foot on this land. With its primitive feature and absence of tourists, Ban Than has made many people moved because if the beauty of the cliff is promoted and advertised, it will attract a large number of tourists.

The name of Ban Than Cliff (or  Bang Than as written in some documents) has many different explanations. “Ban” can be understood as the surface of a table, a flat surface and “Than” means black. This simple explanation is very reasonable because this land has a lot of black rock with flat smooth surface due to tectonic processes as well as the sea water corrosion. Coming to this area, many tourists has been startled and thought that they’re lost in Ly Son island district (Quang Ngai provinces) because there are many similarities between the two places.

Ban Than landscape has many massive stone blocks with bizarre shapes, but the most famous one which is ever mentioned in the poem “There is Ba Che with flowing stream, there is Ong Dun with scales and fins.”

This folk- song mentions to “unique”  rocks of the strange shapes. Ong Dun, a rock with rock layers overlapped each other, is near the seaside. Ba Che is a huge boulder emerging to the sky and looks like a the giant fish head with a space in the middle, where waves can go through. The two blocks are stacked and become attached to each other all “their” life.

This stone makes people think of To Vo gate (the archway) in Ly Son. According to some people in Nui Thanh, the recent collapse of the stone clusters makes a lot of people feel pity for everything is just a memory now.

In Ban Than Cliff , in addition to Ong Dun, Ba Che, there are many other rocks with bizarre shapes: the devil fish, the whale, sea monster … There are also rocks which look like giant mushrooms spreading. Many other rocks are just under sea water surface creating a sparkling black under the water. The rocks here seem to be formed and placed every where by the hand of the Creator. There are large plain surfaces, there are areas where rocks are stacked as huge double cream puffs. If roaming and exploring this large area all day, visitors do not feel bored.

In the journey discovering this scenic land, you can stop at the entrance with coconut trees, cool breeze blowing in from the sea. Looking to the distance, you can see the vast sea with blue water, the boats anchored near the beach.

The only disadvantage of Ban Than Cliff this is that this place gets a huge amount of garbage drifting from the nearby waters each day. Garbage drifts along the coast, gathers in Ban Than forming a great deal which forces local youth groups continuously organize campaigns to clean the environment every year.

Than Cliff people wish this scenic site would be interested by more visitors, tourism could be developed as well as more reasonable measures could be carried out to eliminate waste, keep the rawness, clean and beautiful feature for a place which is often compared to “the second Ly Son island”.

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