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Top beautiful beaches in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Vietnam

Vung Tau is a famous destination for many tourists all over the world. It is a prominent city with blue beaches, cool weather and this is also a familiar place for tourists to relax, play, and bath every weekend or TET holiday. But, when coming to this beautiful city, do you know everything about beaches here? Below, I will recommend you some beautiful beaches that you should not miss when you set foot in this land.

  1. Ho Coc

Ho Coc Beach

Located about 175 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Coc is a pristine beach nestled in the forest of Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province. It has not only the blue sea but also the white sand together with unique shapes rocks. Ho Coc is also known as for its ideal experience for guests to sunbathe, watch the sunrise or sunset, walk along the expanse of sand, explore rocky or pristine forests, play water sports like windsurfing, canoes, and motorbikes. Especially, Ho Coc is also considered as one of the lowest cost places in the world. Therefore, you can freely enjoy the beautiful sea and eat fresh seafood without worrying about the cost.

  1. Bai Sau ( Following Beach)

Bai Sau Beach

Bai Sau spreads nearly 10 kilometers and situates in the south of Vung Tau. It is known as other names like Thuy Van or Thuy Duong. Besides, Bai Sau is known for one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam with the smooth expanses of white sand and straight beach. It takes you about two hours to drive from Ho Chi Minh City. When setting foot on Bai Sau, you will be seen the paradise sea with cool water and fresh air. Moreover, It is famous for the religious pilgrimage of Catholics and Mother Maria. Bai Sau also makes you be surprised with the tranquil and cool beach. It helps you to forget about bustle and noise of the city.

  1. Bai Truoc ( Previous Beach)

Bai Truoc Beach

Bai Truoc has another name “Tam Duong beach”. This place focuses on many buildings and shopping centers. So, it is usually quite crowded. Although Bai Truoc is not the best beautiful beach,  it is still the perfect place to enjoy the sunset or take a stroll. Especially at night, Bai Truoc is the focus of recreational activities of tourists. Even, many younger people also come here to relax and chat with friends. So, this is the highlight place for teenagers that would like to feel the nightlife of Vung Tau city.

  1. Dam Trau

Dam Trau Beach

Dam Trau, perhaps it is the most pristine and beautiful beach in Vung Tau. It is located about 14 kilometers from Vung Tau city center and 12 kilometers from Co Ong airport. From Con Dao town center, it takes you about 30 minutes to get to Dam Trau by motorbike or car. And nothing is better if you can enjoy the beach, the scenery here or a few local specialties such as squid, fish and sea snails. Moreover, their price is very reasonable. You can enjoy the delicious food while watching the quiet beauty of the sea.

  1. Suoi O Beach

Suoi O beach

This is a pristine beach that many teenagers would like to explore and experience. Suoi O Beach is a unique beach that has fresh water and white sand with peaceful space. Located in the Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province about 3 kilometers. Suoi O Beach is very clean because, on the expanses of white sand beach, there is no garbage. The beach is wide and long, so you can travel with many people and together organize activities such as water ball, tug of war, and build the sandcastle. When you find those outdoor activities bored, you can enjoy the cool water or walk along the beach.

  1. Phuoc Hai Beach

Phuoc Hai Beach

Phuoc Hai attracts visitors with the natural beauty of the long coastline and the expanses of white sand.  Phuoc Hai beach, located in Dat Do district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, is also a beautiful beach that you can not ignore. The cool blue beach and the light wind, or the romantic beauty of the rocks on the sea have become “specialties” of this beach. It fascinated many visitors when visiting Phuoc Hai beach. When visiting here, you can bathe and explore the landscape. Do not hesitate to visit Phuoc Hai fishing village to enjoy delicious seafood.

  1. Bai Vong Nguyet

Vong Nguyet Beach

Vong Nguyet is famous for its clean and clear water. Moreover, Vong Nguyet Beach is located at the foot of Small Mountain. From the bottom of the mountain, you can see the Statue of God holding hands on the top. I am sure that you definitely cannot ignore the experience to explore the beneath road leading to the Hon Ba shrine. Especially, you can enjoy the sea at night or sunset. It is very stunning with silver color spreading everywhere. Whoever going to Vong Nguyet will be attracted by its magnificent beauty.

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