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The Best Night Markets in Thailand

Shopping at night is both cool and comfortable – which is why the night market is always crowded.

Night Markets in Thailand 1

For a long time, beside the festivals, “Night Market” has always been a specialty of Thailand. With the abundance of commodities, the diversity of trading … there are many Vietnamese fashion followers through Thailand for one purpose only: Shopping in these markets.

Summer has come and Thailand must be on your “bucket list”, spend a few nights wandering all 7 markets below.


Located right behind Paradise Park, this is considered to be the most famous “shopping mecca” in Thailand. With a very large area, you will easily find everything from furniture, electronics to cheap to pets.

Night Markets in Thailand 2

It is a nuisance that the number of pedestrians in Rod Fai 1 is extremely crowded, making travel sometimes difficult. But in return, if you look patiently, you will find a lot of quality items.

Following the success of Rod Fai 1, Rod Fai 2 was born in the Ratchada area. Although late delivery but it is still doing its job well, it is to keep the atmosphere of classic shopping inherited, but to promote rich items.

Why is it still crowded? These are colorful canvass stalls, the layout of the store looks messy but very stimulating shopping, and especially the street food paradise here will definitely make your mouth watering.

Night Markets in Thailand 3

The annoyance here is that the traffic is too crowded, making it difficult to move around. Not to mention, if you do not take the subway here and go other personal vehicles, you will go crazy when you find a place to park your car.

Siam Gypsy Junction is one of Bangkok’s newest night markets. From the name, you can imagine here selling a lot of unique items, just vintage and vintage. There are also bizarre bars around. Most prominent is the Homeless Bar – built on the side of an old camping van.

Night Markets in Thailand 4

The inconvenience here is that pedestrians and motorcyclists, bicycles … are all on the same road, so you will not have the opportunity to leisurely shopping.

The Liab Duan night market is located far from the city and is also known as the “marketplace along the highway.” This place sells abundant items, but most are still … fake goods, with many brands like G-shock, Louis Vuitton … in “Chinese version”. Besides, it still has unique items to buy at a relatively cheap price.

The most annoying thing here is the parking lot – quite bumpy, convex and extremely horrible in the rainy season. It is best to wear a pair of flip flops.

Night Markets in Thailand 5

Not far from the Liab Duan market is the Rot Boran – a combination of booths are decorated and set up on the old car van, creating a very unique scene of this fair. Nearby there is also a quite peaceful lake, creating a cool shopping atmosphere.

Here, you can look for old furniture, even the … Buddhist guardian charm. And if you plan to shop here for a long time, bring water with you because there are quite a few cafes and pubs in the market. Rot Boran’s “country” style and lack of market-buying atmosphere can make you feel bored sometimes.

The lively atmosphere here is combined from unique fashion stalls, antique furniture, furniture, home decor … to the rare Beatles cassette tape … This is also known as the mecca of car enthusiasts – you can find old gear here, from cars to bicycles.

Night Markets in Thailand 6

One thing to keep in mind when shopping here is that the store owner’s attitude should be noticed. Some are rather hot-tempered. Not to mention, there are a few stalls that do not allow you to use the camera.

Night market every Friday every week Chatuchak always seems to be the most popular night market, the most attractive in Thailand. Do not hurry to read the word “Friday”, as it is open during the day and Saturday nights, Sunday … but the Friday night market is the most special, containing the most interesting .

Night Markets in Thailand 7

Chatuchak at night is no different than daytime, with wholesalers, fashion retailers, accessories such as eyewear, hat … For anyone who went to Chatuchak market during the day and other nights at night, should save the note that the Friday night market will be short on some of the stalls.

The only annoyance here is that cars are allowed to run here. Another note is that this place has only 1 toilet – wish you could line up successfully.

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