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Essentials you need to carry for Myanmar trip

Nowadays, a country like Myanmar is slowly and gradually coming into every travelers list over the most recent few decades.

The nation – sandwiched amongst India and the backbones of Southeast Asia – absolutely has what’s coming to it’s of marvelous things to see, however. You can encounter the excited beat of present day Burmese life in the pagoda-topped city of Yangon. On the other hand, you can climb wild slopes in the old terrains of the Shan Kings, meeting lake agriculturists at Inle and the rusting relics of British govern in Kalaw.

Myanmar is, however the easiest country to travel and around these days and even its getting better and better by each passing day.

So are your tickets are booked? The route to the country is decided but confused what to carry along with you to the Myanmar trip?

In order you appreciate the majority of your time in the charming nation, here we bring few tips to take after when planning what to pack for Myanmar tours

Myanmar trip

Personal care

Just a quick reminder: Myanmar is a country which is still called as a developing country and its hospital facility might not give the same standard compared to the western ones, so to make yourself safe through the entire trip we have some essentials for your personal care which will make you safe.

Mosquito Spray:

This should be your day to day routine alongside applying sunscreen. Mosquito chomps can be aggravatingly irritated and reduce your happiness regarding your outing

Sunglasses: we know you have every color of shades and loves to invest in varieties of decent sunglasses. This is the best time to show off those varieties of sunglasses. As the sun in Myanmar is unimaginable solid; you will feel the advantage of good shades.

Travel Pillow

In case you’re arranging your trip by bus to roam around Myanmar you will require one of these to attempt and get some rest. In addition obviously, you will surely need one for the flight over.

Sun cream

Ensure you generously apply sun cream to every single uncovered region of your skin, not only your face if you want to protect your skin with skin tan.


There is no doubt that Myanmar is too hot with extreme temperatures, so don’t forget to carry your hat along with you to be protected against sun rays. As it will not only protect your face with sun rays but enhance your look in your selfie.

First Aid Kit

This is an essential for every trip so don’t forget to carry the first aid kit with you.

Stomach tablets

Just take some Stomach tablets along with you, who knows your foodie nature might bring problem for your stomach. After all, the Myanmar food is known for its ultimate taste.

Wet wipes

Bring along some wet wipe tissues with you as it wipes out the sweat on your face and gives you a refreshing feeling in the sunny day in Myanmar.


For the female wanderlust, this will surely help you out when traveling a long journey. So pack them in your bag who knows if you expect to need them.

Outfit idea

 Loose flowy clothes

Keep in mind that you carry those loose clothes in which you feel comfortable and breath properly not those in which give you irritation in your travel and spoil your vacation.

Trousers at its best

Besides those short and mini’s carry your loose trousers which can give you comfort.

Flip flops

Flip flops are best to invest in light weighting quality shoes which can add comfort and through which you walk miles around in the strong sun heat.

Some gadget love

Power bank

We know nowadays the smartphone’s  battery can ruin your day so if you don’t want that to happen to carry a power bank in your bag.


If you don’t feel like listening to music just take out your Kindle and lost in those long journeys of some fascinating stories in your Kindle.

Selfie stick

Who doesn’t want some amazing selfies when visited an amazing place like Myanmar.. So carry those selfie stick if you want to flaunt and give some travel goal to your friends as well.

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