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Explore The Beauty Srah Srang Lake in Cambodia

Srah Srang is the name of a unique artificial lake located south of East Baray and east of Banteay Kdei. It was built by King Jayavarman VII in the middle of the 10th century and improved in the 12th century. 13. Srah Srang Lake, a dignified, respectful place of all Cambodians at the time, was built specifically for Buddhism. The land on the west side of Baray, opposite the entrance to Banteay Kdei, is a popular spot for sunrise.

Srah Srang Lake 1

From Angkor Wat, through Banteay Kdei Temple and meet Ta Prohm Foothill and Kutisvara Tower, that is Srah Srang Lake. Srang Srah is located on the road from the east entrance of Banteay Kdei.

Typical architecture of Srah Srang Lake consists of two main parts. The upper part of the lake is located on one side of the structure, which consists of a simple step down, intermingled with the statues of the god Naga and the monks. This section also suffered serious damage caused by human. The second part – the architecture in the middle of the lake was the place where the king sailed to the lake to relax. The lake was also where the girls in the palace bathing. In the middle of the lake is a stone relic, which is no longer intact because it was burned down by the Siamese and Champa.

Srah Srang Lake 2

Srah Srang Lake is always surrounded by trees. In the dry season, there’s no water in the lake, so visitors can easily walk out to the bottom of the lake for sightseeing, watching the antiques in the past.

On the wall are stone statues, lion statues, snakes, sculptured sculptures of various sizes set facing the lake. To date, some remain intact at the old site, some have been broken up into stone blocks. Perhaps, because of the desolation, Srah Srang Lake is very little known by tourists.

Srah Srang Lake 3

Srah Srang Lake was once the main irrigation circuit. But over time, Srah Srang has deteriorated severely and the drainage position is not favorable so the lake is only a relic of long historical value. Basically, its irrigation function is gone.

Srah Srang Lake 4

Srah Srang Lake still exists in Cambodia. People do not break it down to plan for another modern building. That keeps it as a national historical monument. It was also a part of human life, and Cambodians today would like to preserve all of their past objects as a memorable reminder.

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