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Exploring the Beauty of Lo Dieu Reef

Throughout the S-shaped strip of land, visitors have many opportunities to admire the beauty of the majestic, unspoiled nature such as Son Doong cave, Phong Nha… Lo Dieu reef also makes many tourists impressed by its picturesque beauty.

Lo Dieu reef

Referring to Binh Dinh tourism, everyone will think about Quy Nhon beach or the beautiful Nu Hoang (Queen) Beach. However, only some people know in Binh Dinh, there are other unspoiled charming rocks and reefs as the “fairies” who are in a deep sleep.

Taking about 20 minutes riding your motorbike from Bong Son bridge along the road DT 639 toward the sea crossing the pass road made of concrete cement, you can reach the foot of Lo Dieu reef, located in Lo Rieu Village, Hoai My commune, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province. Here, before the concrete path ĐT 639running along the seaside was built, to go to the other side of the pass to take a bus, people had to walk through Lo Dieu Pass from 2 am and spent 4 hours to get to the main road. Due to this inconvenience of transportation, Lo Dieu still retains its pristine look over hundreds of years.

Lo Dieu reef

Looking down from on high, Lo Dien beach is like a giant bow leaning back against the mountain, overlooking the sea and a field in the center. Viewed from afar, the rocks of many shapes paired with golden sand beach Bang Bang create a spectacular, pristine and romantic painting of rock and water. The highlight of the rapids is Hon Trong in the shape of a woman and child waiting for her husband returning after the fishing season.

Next, visitors can see velvety green fields, in the distance, the simple red tiled roof houses and buffaloes grazing create a peaceful village setting. People will feel like they have just gone through the mountain, through the forest to reach the sea. Lo Dieu reef appears in front of the eyes of visitors with unspoiled and spectacularly beautiful. Standing on any position on the reef, you will also see paintings of nature with majestic mountains covered by green forest and undulating waves surrounding the foothills.

On sunny days, the beach becomes blue, the sand is smooth together with the romantic scene; therefore, this place will give guests the relaxing moments immersed in the ocean. In addition to Lo Dieu reef with pristine golden Bang Bang sand, the natural products available have also given this place strange allures.

Scattered on the beach, people build the square cages to feed shrimp. When the tide goes down, mysterious diversified rocks appear on the sea surface. If you come here in January, you can see the green seaweed covered the rocks.

lo dieu reef

In the season of the year, Lo Dieu reef has its own beauty which attracts tourists. In the spring and summer, the sea is blue, the golden sand is sparkling in the sun; in the winter the sea wave is billowing, the wind blowing powerfully through every ravine. Lo Dieu reef is suitable for tourists who love nature and want to explore the unspoiled beauty of the mountains, forest and sea.

Over the abrasion of the time, change of nature, Lo Dieu still keeps for itself a little wild, a little honest, rustic, slightly mysterious beauty which has conquered countless hearts. Looking down from the mountain, visitor going to Binh Dinh can see that Lo Dieu reef is like a giant bow and is the midpoint of the 3 aspects: the mountains, the sea and the field. Lo Dieu Reef owns soft curves running along the golden sand of Bang Bang and owns the manifold, unique and impressive rocks.

Lo Dieu reef is like an asleep fairy. Coming to Lo Dieu, you will enjoy the fresh air, get immersed in the endless beauty of the rocks of  many strange shapes. On the reef of Lo Dieu, visitors can also see the fishing boats floating in the distance between the sea, bobbing in the wave, and understand the life full of ups and downs of the fishermen here.

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