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Exploring The Strikking Dam Island

I name this charming destination Love Island for the reason that there are wooden and leaves houses and tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that seems to serve for only some tourists.

Dam Island 2

During my long vacation in the “pearl” Phu Quoc Island to relax and write, a friend of my phoned me and recommended several wooden houses waiting for me to explore. He promised: “This place is great! You surely have a crush on it right you step foot in!”. Located near An Thoi Port, Dam island is favorably known as Love Island or Robinson Island because of its “one – of – all – kind” scenery. Staying there, I woke up in the early morning to listening melodious song of the foamy waves kissing the shore through my window, then, bumped into the pristine blue sea for swimming and exploring the stunning coral reefs of various colors and sizes. To be honest, I do not think that the coral reefs are such beautiful, actually, they are more striking than those in Cham Island, Koh Rong Island, Koh Samui Island, etc.

Dam Island 3

The “heart – melting” Dam Island is nestled in the south of Phu Quoc. Get there, you have a chance to experience the daily life without Internet, in which electricity is run by solar energy. How amazing!

Dam Island 4

Additionally, all the homestays do not offer electric fan because your room is cool all day long thanks to fresh breezes blowing from the sea. Moreover, space is very quiet that is very suitable for couples. During the day time, two of us strolled around the island and read a favorite book at the door of the wooden tents. You can even lie leisurely in the hammock hung near the sea all day to enjoy the breath of the sea.

Dam Island 5

There is one thing interesting that my wooden house is just a few steps from the sea. Honestly, this is the “weirdest” place that I have ever stayed on the island. I also engaged in the journey of exploring the island by boat to admire the Robinson island from a distance. In the late afternoon, I returned the island to watch the charming sunset. It is really one of the most unforgettable experiences during my trip to Phu Quoc, in general, and to Dam Island, in particular.

Dam Island 6

Dam Island 7

The sunset in Phu Quoc has magic to “overwhelm” all tourists. Furthermore, you definitely capture nice moment and picture wherever you stand at. Can’t wait to see it, right?

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