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Exploring The Stunning Stone Beach in Ganh Yen, Quang Ngai

Located near Ly Son Island, Binh Hai Commune, Binh Son District, Quang Ngai Province, the amazing Ganh Yen remains its untouched significances.

Capturing the charming scenery

Ganh Yen 1

According to local residents, Ganh Yen is windy all day long that contributes to creating the howling. It might be the reason why thousands of salanganes flock to this amazing destination to build in spring.

Staying in Ganh Yen, you would probably witness different appearances of nature. In the morning, the sea breeze blows violently and the waves “crash” against the rocks that form high waves.

At noon, the waves are getting more gentle. When the sun sinks below the casuarina forest, the tide begins flowing out and the rocks emerge. At the same time, the boats of the local fishermen head out to the sea to begin their fish – catching journey.

Unlike other islands that are characterized by the smooth sandy beach, Ganh Yen features blocks of black stones.

In the south, Ganh Yen “possesses” steep rocks about 30 meters high that stretches over hundreds of meters. Meanwhile, in the north, this landscape is famous for the “breath- taking” stone beach that looks like a giant carpet.

Although Ganh Yen has long been a famous destination among professional photographers and is ony 20 kilometers from National Highway 1, it was popular with tourists. Perhaps, it has preserved and conserved its original significances thanks to that.

Exploring Ly Son Island and coral diving

Ganh Yen bears a striking resemblance to Ly Son Island in terms of the origin. The amazing landscape was formed by volcanic eruptions. Standing at Ganh Yen, you definitely hold panoramic views of the charming Ly Son island. Staying on the island, you should wake up in the early morning to greet the stunning sunrise that promises to “melt” your little heart. Then, the whole island is “bathed” by the golden sun. How amazing!

According to local fisherman Dang Binh, “Ganh Yen is the only destination in the mainland that enables tourists to greet the panorama of Ly Son”.

There are also large coral reefs in Ganh Yen. There is one thing interesting that you just need wearing goggles and indulge yourself into the water to explore beautiful coral reefs and schools of fish swimming. You might visit the lush terraced fields of garlic nestling behind the casuarina forest.

Photographer Dang Quang Binh said: “Ganh Yen can be considered as the paradise to professional photographers and those taking wedding pictures. Particularly, the garlic field has attracted a significant number of visitors”.

Visiting Ganh Yen, you might grasp your time to visit Thanh Thuy tunnels, Van Tuong Victory Museum marking a heroic history of local residents, etc.

Dr Nguyen Dang Vu, director of Quang Ngai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the department coordinated with the Authority of Binh Son to add the sediment into the global Ly Son geological park and other areas.

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