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Exploring Tour Ha Long – Quan Lan Island

Ha Long is famous for modern beauty while Quan Lan island is so wild and rustic that makes people feel peaceful.

Quan Lan Island 1

There are many ways for you to move from Ha Noi to Ha Long (Quang Ninh), but you should choose luxury Limousine bus. The bus is fully equipped and takes about 3 hours from Hanoi to Ha Long city.

When travelling to Ha Long, if you have not much money, you can choose a hotel in the Hau Can or Vuon Dao road because it is affordable, but also very close to the sea. It takes only 5 minutes to meet the sea.

Quan Lan Island 2

You should explore Sun World Halong Park, including 3 points: Dragon Park, Water Park and Cable 20.000 VND (1 USD) / way. You should visit the city museum on the other side of Bai Chay bridge, an architecture that everyone must be surprised to see first time. In addition to war-time artifacts, the museum also displays many motifs, plants, boat models. More impressive is the huge skeleton of a whale hanging from the ceiling. The museum also has many beautiful virtual corners for young people to take photos.

Quan Lan Island 3

After visiting the museum, you should walk around Ha Long city to feel about life as well as people here. It is better to eat in the city center rather than near the sea, because the food is cheap and the quality is not bad.

Quan Lan Island 5

Day 2:
In the morning, I got up early to Bai Chay beach to watch the dawn. You can divide the day 2 into 2 schedule: in the morning or afternoon going to Dragon Park and Water Park, and the cable car should be visited in the evening. Then you visit the Japanese garden with a inwheel hill – a beautiful place. When it started dark, I went up to the Solar Ring to see the whole city when the lights were lit.

Quan Lan Island 4

Day 3

In the morning of day 3, from the motel, I took a taxi to Hon Gai Pier to go to Quan Lan Island. High speed train tickets here are 200,000 VND (9 USD) and it took about two hours. Quan Lan is so wild and peaceful, different from Ha Long noise. The main means used by the people are tuk tuk. I rented a room in a homestay in the village to experience a harmonious life with people on the island. My favorite thing about homestay is that the hostess is also very friendly and cooks very well. You can ask her everything relating to the trip on the island. You can rent a bike, motorbike or the tuk tuk. The homestay is about 1 km from Quan Lan beach, 10 km from Minh Chau beach, so I decided to rent bike to Quan Lan beach for swimming and relaxing.

Day 4:

Quan Lan Island 7

In the second day on Quan Lan Island, I and a group of new homestay friends rented a tuk tuk to go to the windswept locations, Minh Chau beach and Son Hao beach. If you go to Quan Lan, you should not ignore the most beautiful Minh Chau beach. The sand is very smooth and the water is clear. At night, the homestay guests went to the beach to make a barbecue. A pleasant and memorable night that closed our journey on Quan Lan Island.

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