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Full-Day of Leisure along Red River

You might not believe in the fact that there are a significant number of miserable people to live in the Middle Bank (Bai Giua) of the Red River. Simultaneously, this alluvial is where we can find who we really are after the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Red River 1

The Red River has many Middle Bank, but this name is mainly used to call the alluvial at the foot of Long Bien Bridge, just a few hundred meters from the center of Hanoi. The Red River flows through this route, separates a small tributary, and then creates a large alluvial.

Almost all those who was born and lived in Hanoi dozens of years ago and are currently at the middle age are extremely familiar with the Middle Bank of Red River. This bank is used to grow vegetable and domesticate cattle by “riverside” residents. The younger generations first access to this alluvial thanks to the famous bathing nude activity in the early morning and late afternoon. However, there are people who have been living in Hanoi for a long time, hasn’t got there yet though they did know it well.

Red River 2

The Middle Bank (Bai Giua) is home to fishermen who live along the riverside and poor families. Their houses are built, actually “made” badly on the riverside what can not prevent them from being destroyed by heavy rains, floods, and storms, or even flooded. As a result, they mainly live on their boat. They often make full use of the alluvial to grow vegetables serving for their daily life. Standing from Long Bien bridge, you probably see the vast corn fields, the green vegetable field, the sprouting banana trees, and even the white sand of the Middle bank. This place seems to stay away from the hectic and dynamic life of the capital city.

According to the local residents, now the Red River alluvial is rarely flooded in flood season, so their life is getting more bustling. You can visit Bai Giua whenever you want during the whole year. From the middle of the bridge, you can see a small staircase leading to the alluvial. This staircase is mainly served for pedestrians, but some cyclists and motorcyclists still pass through here. If you travel around Hanoi, give this amazing place a try to experience the quiet and peaceful life that is totally different from the urban life. Walking or riding bike along sandy banks, fertile rice fields, and seeing reed bushes swaying with the wind, small boats floating on the surface of the river, you certainly grasp valuable peaceful moments for yourself amid the hectic life.

Red River 3

How amazing the dusk is! Greeting the sunset in Bai Giua is not the same as that in a charming beach. It is because you can not immerse yourself in immense nature, instead, Bai Giua only offers you an “adequate” space that enables you to enjoy for a while, then, come back to the real life. The images of the last slight lights of the day combining with the smoke of burning straw or wood for cooking surely give you a free “childhood returning ticket”.

In the evening, dropping by a grilled corn stall, enjoying the fragrant corn, listening to small stories of the hostess, you probably see a more meaningful corner of your life. During your trip to Hanoi, if you are engaged in photography, you should come here to make “one-of-all-kind” photos thanks to many “Hanoi” characteristic scenes.

Get there in an early morning or a late afternoon, you definitely experience a new life right in Hanoi. It’s worth your time! Give it a try!

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