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Khau Vai Love Market-the Unique Market in Ha Giang

Khau Vai love market is one of the most famous and unique markets in Ha Giang. This market, which is still called the “adultery” market because couples who love each other and then will meet again and talk to each other on the day of love market, is held only once a year. The unique features of the upland ethnic market have attracted a large number of visitors to come here.

Khau Vai Love Market
Khau Vai Love Market in Ha Giang – Vietnam

Histories of Khau Vai Love Market :

Khau Vai love market, also known as Phong Luu (prosperous) market, has a history of nearly 100 years. According to some documents, the market was started from the 1919s. The market is located in Khau Vai commune, Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province, Vietnam and meets once a year.

Khau Vai love market in Ha Giang is held once a year on March 27th in lunar calendar. At this time, in all the roads, the sloping slopes, we can encounter many groups of men and women, young and old, even children that are busy preparing to join the love market of Khau Vai Everyone wants to be beautiful and radiant in the market, so everyone is wearing new clothes and skirts.

How to go to Khau Vai Love Market ?

About 200m from Ha Giang city, the road to Khau Vai is quite long, boys and girls, the old and the young continuously join the crowds to go to Khau Vai love market. The day before Khau Vai market festival is the time when roads leading to Ha Giang are crowded with motorcycles and cars from the plain area flocking to the market area. Ethnic people in Ha Giang are excited, looking forward to the main day of Khau Vai love market to have the opportunity to meet old or new lover. And people of the delta who love to travel and explore are curious about the unique things in the love market, that is also the reason why they want to go to the market to see if there are something interesting.

Khau Vai love market
Dance in Khau Vai love market

The road to Khau Vai love market is winding with rocky mountains, there are even dangerous points, but they do not make people downhearted; in contrast, they still go and go just looking forward to the market to find a love which is still unfinished . There are people in remote villages, they have to spend many days to get to the market Khau Vai and, because the market is met only once every year, they have to try to satisfy their expectations.

Enjoy Cultures of Khau Vai love market :

Khau Vai love market, also known as the “adultery” market, is the traditional night market of Mong people. The reason why people are likened to the market of adultery is that this is the first meeting of people with unfinished love and do not marry each other for some reason. They come here to exchange the love, after one night, in the next morning when the market dissolves, love dissolves, they return to live with their husband and wife without jealousy or reproach… Today, the market is not only for those who have unfinished love, but is also the place where young people meet each other and love each other, then become wife and husband.

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Khau Vai love market is crowded, bustling and never lacks the sound of “khèn” the traditional musical instrument made of bamboo tubes and played by ethnic men) and traditional dances of local people. It is the vibrant sound of the day and then when the night falls, when there are only the fire burning and corn wine bottles, the market really begins. At this time, people find each other again after a long year full of missing.

Khau Vai love market
H’mong young lady in Khau Vai Love market

There are a lot of couples of husband and wife coming to the market together. At the market, the wife finds her lover and the husband find his own lover, they respect each other and think that it is the private minutes, the spiritual life of the mate. Without jealousy, they join Khau Vai love market and then return to daily life and continue to live happily together after that.


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