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Legendary Beauty of Nui Coc Lake

Being a famous tourist destination of Thai Nguyen, Nui Coc Lake attracts people thanks to the tranquil quiet beauty and many attractions.

Nui Coc Lake 1

Nui Coc is an artificial freshwater lake formed after the Song Cong dam was built between 1973 and 1982. The lake is responsible for supplying irrigation water for 12,000 hectares of land, tourism, recreation and fish farming.

Nui Coc Lake 2

It is the most popular tourist destination in Thai Nguyen province, located about 16 km from the city center and about 100 km from Hanoi. Nui Coc Lake is an eco-tourism area with many myths. The love of the Cong and Coc, one’s tears flowed into the river and one waiting until becoming a mountain.

Nui Coc Lake 3

Nui Coc Lake 4

Guests can take a boat to visit the island, watch the lake, explore the house over 200 years old with many precious relics on the mountain, populations of Thac Vang pagoda … or play in the water park in the summer. Nui Coc Lake is at its most beautiful time when the autumn comes, the art and playing activities are fun but not too noisy or crowded as in the summer, so visitors can enjoy the quiet space and cooler natural scenery.

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