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Muong Nhe Nature Reserve in Dien Bien Province

Muong Nhe Nature reserve is located on the territory of the district of Muong Nhe, Dien Bien, about 700km from Hanoi to the Northwest.

Associated with the battle of Dien Bien Phu defeating French colonialists in 1954, Dien Bien today has become a popular tourist destination with tourists in all parts of the country. Dien Bien also has the potential of intangible culture with 21 ethnic groups living together, each group has its own unique cultural (typically Thai, H’mong ethnics). Besides, Dien Bien has many caves, lakes and mineral water resources contributing to a rich natural tourism such as Muong Nhe primeval forest; caves in Pa Thom (Dien Bien), Tham Pua (Tuan Giao); the hot mineral springs of Hua Pe, U Va; Pa Khoang, Pe Luong Huoi Pha lakes…

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve in Dien Bien Province

From Dien Bien Phu City, driving along Highway 12 to the north, visitors will come to the town of Muong Cha (Muong Cha District, Dien Bien Province). From here, keep going along the new road leading to the border, the route of Muong Cha town – Si Pa Phin – Muong Nhe district center of about 100km long, visitors will reach Muong Nhe Nature Reserve.

The Nature reserve of Muong Nhe is considered one of the largest preservation areas in Vietnam and to have high biological diversity and rich forest ecosystems; therefore, it has become an attractive tourist destination to discover the nature in the province of Dien Bien.

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve in Dien Bien Province

The total area of this nature reserve accounts for about 310.262ha, including 10 border communes in Muong Nhe district. This is also the home of some ethnic groups such as Ha Nhi, Kho Mu, Hmong … with unique cultural identity.

– In Muong Nhe protected area, there are nearly 118,000 hectares of natural forest covering 43% – the highest percentage in Dien Bien province. There are a variety of primary forest including lowland evergreen forest, lower montane evergreen forest, montane evergreen forest and bamboo forest… which are being preserved…

– Muong Nhe is also the habitat of many rare animals. According to the current surveys, this reserve has about 38 species of precious animals such as turtles, elephant, gaur, bears, tigers, leopards, red wolf, pangolin, civet cats, wild cats … and some species listed in the Vietnam red book.

– Forest flora system in Muong Nhe is also quite diverse with about 308 species, including many species of special role with science… 112 species of wood trees and 68 species of medicinal plants.

Muong Nhe Nature Reserve in Dien Bien Province

From high, Muong Nhe mountain scenery is like a vivid picture. Mixed in the green of the trees, the bright yellow of chrysanthemums, not paved yellowish red soil roads are the houses on terrace, the leaf thacked roof houses of different sizes scattered on the roadsides, along the streams and interspersed throughout the dense canopy. Looming in the distance are the undulating mountains.

With such a rich forest ecosystems, Muong Nhe nature reserve is considered one of the largest and to own the richest biological diversity in Vietnam. Therefore, the preservation of Muong Nhe nature reserve is very important, both in terms of forest ecosystem protection and Da (Black) River. In the near future, it will become the attractive eco-tourist and scientific research destination.

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