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Myanmar – Best Place for Scuba Diving

With the stunning coastline of more than 2,000 km along the Gulf of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Myanmar is an ideal place for water – based activities, especially scuba diving. Most of beaches in Burma still remain pristine and untouched with the diverse marine life and stunning natural landscape. In recent years, there has been an increase in Myanmar Beach Holidays’ interest and diving activity become more and more popular. Let take a look at the 3 best dive zones in the golden land.

1.Mergui Archipelago

The southern part of the area is one of the best dive sites in Myanmar and Asia in general. Black Rock and Shark Cave are the famous dive zones in Mergui offering the chance to see the colorful coral reefs and a wide variety of stunning sea creatures such as manta rays, whale sharks or ghost pipefish.

To be noted that some serious diving skills are required if you want to explore deeper because the tides here are sometimes unpredictable. The best time to dive in Mergui Archipelago is from December to April. Myanmar Andaman Dive Resort on Mecleod island provides great diving service and courses. You can also choose A- One diving or Asia Whale, they are both 2 good diving operators.

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» Mergui Archipelago Cruises are pleased to be your companion on the way to discover this tropical paradise.

2.Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung beach is another great dive zone in Burma. The stretch offers the shallow and relaxing dive but still providing chances to admire the great marine life in this area. For the deeper and more challenging dive, some far south islands off the coast bring an exceptional experience and opportunities to see the nature wonders under the water. The best time to go diving in Ngwe Saung Beach is between November and April. You choose to dive with Myanmar Diver Center and Eskala Diving Club.

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Diving in Ngapali is one of the best experiences in Myanmar holiday packages. The dive is done offshore where you can observe plethora of marine species and colorful coral gardens. Furthermore, you can also relax in the nearby stretch or visit the fishing village after diving. This is a perfect way to end your wonderful day. The best time to dive in Ngapali beach is from October to April. You can dive with Ngapali water sport center. They offer great service and excellent diving experience.

diving in myanmar

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