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Myanmar River Cruises and the Journey to the Ancient Capitals

Irrawaddy river plays an important part in the Burmese life witnessing not only the turbulent past but also the fast changes of the country. Nowadays, the relics of the long gone eras still lie quietly on the banks of this mighty river drawing thousands of tourists coming to visit every years. Let join onboard of  Burma Cruises and find out the secrets of the ancient capitals.

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Mingun Temple

You can get to this destination easily on a ferry or boat trip. This temple is well-known for its 87 tons of bronzed bell which is the second biggest bell in the worlds. Despite the weight and age, it still can function properly, visitors are allowed to ring or stand inside it.


Ava is the next stop in the itinerary of Myanmar river cruises. Once reaching there, you will be escorted in carriages. Take a slow ride through the area and admire the architecture of the old Burma. Visiting the Bagaya Monastery, you will have the opportunity to have a closer look at the design of old Burmese building structures, of the ornate carving of birds and animals as well as the countryside’s scenery and people.


Sagaing Hill some consider it the heart of Buddhism in Myanmar. Home to hundreds of pagodas, monasteries, this is where many monks, nuns reside and study. If seeing a hint the life of a traditional Buddhist is on your bucket list, you don’t want to miss this place. All the monks and nuns don’t really mind tourists as long as respect is shown. Sagaing’s local market is also a hidden gem for travellers. It is not catered to tourists so the authenticity of the local lifestyle is very apparent. This is also a wonderful place to get a gift or two to bring home.

Golden Palace Monastery – Shwenandaw Monastery

Constructed in the 19th century and located near the Mandalay Hill, this impressive teakwood building is known for its breath-taking architectures. Intricate wood carvings, the gold leaf finished interior, tourist often feel like being brought back to the ancient time.

Mandalay’s Palace

This majestic palace was badly damaged in WWII, but later restored in the 90s. This destination gives you a chance to learn the rich history of Myanmar as well as the living conditions of the Burmese royalties. Visitors are only allowed to enter through the Eastern Gate. The watchtower offers a great view of the palace and nice spot to take pictures.

Kuthodaw Pagoda & the world’s largest book

Below the Mandalay Hill, this pagoda is famous for its tripiṭaka tablets or the world’s largest book as regarded by the UNESCO. It contains 729 inscripted marble slabs housed in small “caves” which are beautifully crafted white shrines. A must-see for anyone who wants to seek more knowledge.

Mahamuni Pagoda

This pagoda contains a golden image of Buddha, if lucky, you can witness the ceremony where people apply gold leaf to the golden statue. Watching workers making gold leaves for ceremonies is also an interesting experience. Like most pagodas in Myanmar you are required to walk in bare feet, as well as not exposing your shoulders and knees.


When you reach Amarapura, pay a visit to the Mahagandayon monastery where more than a thousand monks study the monastic teachings and disciplines. Near the Mahagandayon Monastery, Ubein Bridge is the world’s longest teak bridge. It is a nice spot to take a slow walk, rewind and take photos. It was built over the shallow Taungthaman Lake, overlooking the small boats that wander around on the still water. It is even more stunning at sunrise and sunset.

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