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Nong Khiaw – There is No other Land like This in Laos

Located on the shores of the Nam Ou River in north-eastern Laos, and gently squeezed at the base of the country’s most stupendous canyon, the Nam Ou river gorge, Nong Khiaw or Nong Kiau is known as the picturesque and quaint village in Laos.

What to See and Do in Nong Khiaw

Patok Cave: Patok Cave is located about 3kms west of Nong Kiau, right on the right hand side of the main road. It is a large cave used by locals during the heaviest period of the carpet bombing (during the Second Indochina War). On the way to the cave, you will pass over the trail with gorgeous sceneries of many rice fields and a small section of jungle.

Nong Khiaw

Mountaintop Viewpoint: Pass over the beautiful landscapes of the location of Patok Cave, you will need to go up a little higher to really enjoy the most spectacular views of all. However, that is a hard steep hike up to the western tip of the mountains. You should bring along bottles of water and mosquito repellent to protect your skin. When you are at the top at an altitude of 1.000m, you will have the panoramic views of the Ou River snaking around the limestone mountain crags for miles past the village.

Nong Khiaw laos

Muang Ngoi Boat Trip: Muang Ngoi, an incredibly picturesque village about two hours up river from Nong Kiau is also a worth place to visit. Traveling by boat is the best way to enjoy the stunning landscapes up-close, also considered one of the most fantastic river boat trips you could hope to do anywhere in Laos.

nong kiau

Where to Stay in Nong Khiaw

As a small village, but accommodation is available in Nong Kiau with multi – choices, for example: from a luxury, French-owned resort to mid-way guesthouses and beautiful home-stays…

nong kiau laos

You can refer accommodations at the western side of town for more and better choices. Many guesthouses are offering free breakfast and free Wi-Fi access here.

Where to Eat in Nong Khiaw

Almost guesthouses in Nong Kiau have an in-house eatery. And you can easily find some restaurants on the main road, namely two very good Indian places. However these restaurants on the main road serve the meals with the very high price.

Nong Khiaw in laos
Lunch at a restaurant in Nong Khiaw, Laos

How to Get to Nong Khiaw

Travel by minivan is the easiest way to reach Nong Kiau from Luang Prabang. It takes about 4- hour travel in total with the price of ₭75,000 ($9.00) per person, vans leave twice a day from both directions.

Also you can take a bus from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw with the price ranging from 40’000 – 50’000 Kips and 4hrs traveling. Buses from Udomxay to Nong Khiaw are scheduled to leave one time a day if passengers enough (3-4 hours). However they may not run on time, and have to depend on passenger numbers in the low season.

Moreover, there is also a boat service operating between Luang Prabang and Nong Khiaw, but scheduled boat trips have been no longer offered because of the recently built dam.

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