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December, 2016

  • 15 December

    Ban Than Cliff – “Ly Son of Quang Nam”

    Ban Than cliff in Nui Thanh district easily makes visitors think of the beach in the small island of Ly Son. However, this landscape even has more unique features. Tam Hai Island commune (Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province) is located on an area surrounded by vast sea and strong …

  • 5 December

    Me Tri Thuong Temple

    History Formerly, Me Tri area had mostly low-lying fields, in front of the village’s gate, there was a mound which looked like a turtle crawling out of the water onto the land. In Ly dynasty, the mound is called Quy Son (Turtle Mountain). Me Tri, at that time, was famous …

  • 5 December

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  • 4 December

    10 Must-Try Experience in Ba Na Hill, Danang

    1. Check in Le Jardin d’Amour gardens Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden in Ba Na Hill was inspired by the French architecture with harmony of the natural landscape and the paradise climate of Ba Na. If Dalat has fantastic places like Valleys Of Love and Dreamy Hills , Ba Na …