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Explore The Coral Paradise Island in Koh Larn Island, Thailand

Speaking of Pattaya (Thailand), we often think of leisure activities, shopping and street food. In fact, what makes Pattaya so famous is the paradise of gorgeous coral islands, smooth white sand beaches, turquoise sea and attractive water sports.

Koh Larn Island 2

One of the most popular and beautiful spots in Pattaya is Koh Larn (Coral Island). Just 15 minutes by speed boat or 45 minutes by ferry from Pattaya beach, the idyllic island appears before the eyes as a picture of nature, making you just want to explore immediately after the ship docking.

Koh Larn Island 3

Koh Larn has a coastline of over 4.5 km stretching from north to south. On the island there are 6 main beaches (Samea, Tawaen, Tien, Nual, Tonglang and Tayai) and some smaller ones, of which the three most beautiful beaches are Tawaen, Nual and Tien. Not only that, the island is covered with pristine forest occupying more than 90% of the island area with extremely rich and diverse fauna and flora.

Koh Larn Island 5

As soon as you step on the ship, you can feel the cool sea water, smooth white sand and smooth waves, you just want to forget the feeling of stress, tired to swim immediately.

Come to Koh Larn island, do not miss the activities such as great diving, diving, windsurfing, paragliding, banana boat …

Koh Larn Island 6

In particular, the most outstanding is the snorkeling to enjoy coral reef. To join the program, you pay a certain fee of about 100 – 150 USD, then the boat takes you to the coral reef viewing area, where the local government planning allows visitors to visit . Tour guides are the person who helps you to wear diving suits, headwear oxygen and follows you throughout the process to ensure the safest. You will see coral reefs of many colors, many species are close together, together with fish swimming lively around. In addition, the program also offers other services such as feeding fish or taking photos underwater sildenafil over the counter

Koh Larn Island 7

Koh Larn Island 9

There is also an equally attractive activity, which is paragliding, with many enthusiastic visitors looking forward to the opportunity to try this flying experience once. The staff here will assist you with equipment such as seat belts, wires from the canoe and sprung up in the back. Soon, the canoe will pull you into the air like a flying seagull, you will have a very interesting panoramic view from above.

Koh Larn Island 8

In addition to swimming and sightseeing, the rows of white sand beaches are ideal for relaxing, sunbathing. Besides, there are also fresh food services such as shrimp, squid, crab, fish … are processed attractively with reasonable price.

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