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Restaurants are recommended for your trip to Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar has opened up in recent years. It is considered to be the potential market of the tourism industry. The number of tourists to Myanmar is increasing, so the system of services related to accommodation is investing more and more. Hotels and restaurants are also grown up. With hotels, they have from most popular restaurants to luxury hotels as well as the restaurants. About Myanmar Tourism, you not only are merged into the influx of visitors to see the interesting sites of this country but also enjoy the culture about the customs of the local people here. Especially you can feel the culinary characteristics of the famous restaurants in this capital.

1, Pan Swel TAW Restaurant & Cafe

Pan Swel TAW Restaurant & Cafe
Pan Swel TAW Restaurant & Cafe

Pan Swel TAW restaurant & cafe is one of the famous restaurants that many visitors love when visiting Myanmar. It specializes in serving traditional Myanmar dishes such as Shan Rice, Tea Leaf Salad, Shan Noodles and so on. Besides, The food and drinks here are varied so you are spoiled for choice to suit your hobbies and tastes. The restaurant was clean and airy space. Also, after the meal, you can go to the cafe of the restaurant to chat after the meal. This restaurant is considered one of the typical restaurants when you visit Yangon Myanmar
Address: 228 No., Ahlone Road, Ahlone Township, Yangon. Myanmar

2, Italian restaurant L’Opera

Italian restaurant L'Opera
Italian restaurant L’Opera

As its name implies, the Italian restaurant L’Opera serves dishes with a special flavor of Italy so the typical foods are Italian pasta, Italian corn porridge, pizza, etc. The restaurant’s unique and interesting atmosphere is a combination of Asian and Western. In addition, The attitude of the staff here is considerate and attentive to bring comfort and satisfaction. Not only does L’Opera serve good wines imported from Europe. So you should not miss this interesting eating place because you can enjoy the taste of Europe right in this Southeast Asian country.
Address: No. 20, T Waddy Kha Street, Yankin Township, Yangon Capital.

3, Green Elephant Restaurant

Green Elephant Restaurant
Green Elephant Restaurant

The Green Elephant Restaurant is located in Yangon, which is also an interesting place for tourists to go to Myanmar. At this restaurant, you can indulge in the menu to choose yourselves the best dishes here. The food here is mainly ethnic dishes which is the symbol of the people here. There are typical dishes such as tea salad, Myanmar curry, Shan rice, Shan tofu, Shan noodles, abalone and so on. Thanks to this, you not only try the delicious food but also enjoy a wonderful space. That space is full of green color to make you as if you are in the forest.
Restaurant Address: No. 519 (A), Pyay Road, Thirimingalar Lane, Yangon, Myanmar

4, Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar

Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar
Le Planteur Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant is located near the Nikko hotel. This is regarded as the luxury for those who have money in Myanmar. The menu of this restaurant is extremely rich from the national dishes to dishes from many parts of the world. Coming here, you can spoil your choice of dishes with different flavors. Moreover, The restaurant is designed and decorated quite impressively. The layout of logical harmony creates an unforgettable charm for visitors here. Considered a place to eat for wealthy tourists, the restaurant also has a bar to serve you. This is an exciting destination for visitors to Yangon Myanmar.
Restaurant Address: Sein Road, Near Nikko Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar

5, 50 street bar and Grill

50 street bar and Grill
50 street bar and Grill

The restaurant is located in the bustling center of Botataung Township, Yangon. However, the restaurant here brings a friendly and ordinary atmosphere as you are at home. Restaurant color is decorated naturally and warmly. The layout is very interesting with a large three-way counter surrounded by satellite TV and newspaper magazines. This place is also considered one of the typical and interesting restaurants.
Restaurant Address: 0th Street Bar & Grill No. 9/13, 50th St., Botahtaung Tsp., Yangon, Burma / Myanmar

6, Rangoon Tea House

Rangoon Tea House
Rangoon Tea House

Another place in Yangon mentioned by many people is the Rangoon Tea House. You should come here in the morning or afternoon because its space will be very nice and suitable for taking pictures. Also, the food here is amazing and delicious. Two recommend for you are Mohinga and Coconut Noodles. Coconut noodle here is quite similar to Khao Soi in Thailand. It is made from coconut milk and green beans. There are also other spices that make the dish more attractive. Besides, Cocktail here is also a have a wonderful flavor and the price is quite reasonable.
Address: 77 Pansodan Rd, First Floor, Kyauktada Township Yangon, Myanmar

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