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Summer Paradise in Bien Da Vang Resort

Featuring the 3-sided sea views facing the stunning Ke Ga lighthouse and brilliant rainbow houses, the fascinating Bien Da Vang Resort promises to be a « real » paradise for young travellers during their summer cruise.

Bien Da Vang Resort 1

Belonging to Tien Thanh – Ham Thuan Nam tourist complex, Bien Da Vang attraction offers breath-taking untouched beaches featuring smooth sandy beach and pristine blue seawater, and the adjacent exhilarating Ke Ga Lighthouse. Only 30 minutes of travelling by motorbike from Phan Thiet city, tourists will be deeply in love with the majestic beauty right they set foot in this amazing destination.

Bien Da Vang Resort 2

Providing tourists with 3 sea views and pure blue sea water, the Bien Da Vang Resort enables its guests to get full relaxation after immersing themselves in the natural fresh water. The feeling of swimming and diving into the pristine sea like a giant natural mirror is extraordinary. Give it a try!

Bien Da Vang Resort 3

The plus point of this resort is the « reasonable » packages of accommodation, which are priced at 20$ and 40$ for houses near the sea and container guesthouses with bright rainbow- coloured houses respectively. In addition, Bien Da Vang offers tents for camping fluctuating from 4$ to 7$ depending on the number of participants. We’re sure that you will have a ‘full » summer cruise when visiting this amazing landscape.

Bien Da Vang Resort 4

After a memorable day of indulging yourself into the charming nature, it’s such a wonderful relaxation to enjoy an excellent drink at the sea-view bar and listening to the melodious songs of waves kissing the shore amid the fresh sea breezes.

Bien Da Vang Resort 6

Spreading over the area of 53,663 square meters with the total investment of 65 billion VND, the amazing Bien Da Vang Tourist Site is currently providing an impressive chain of 4-star hotels, 26 luxurious villas, and 200 condotels (kind of hotel apartments, the abbreviation of Condo & Hotel). Moreover, it also offers restaurant organising indoor parties, outdoor spaces for picnicking, baking, children’s playground, health care for tourist, etc. To sum up, you won’t be bored or stay still when being a guest of this resort.

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