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Tam Dao-Where the Earth Meets the Sky

Tam Dao is a district of Vinh Phuc province. It is famous for Tam Dao resort, cool climate and harmonious, spacious natural landscape. Coming to Tam Dao, you have the opportunity to discover a romantic land of white clouds around the legs in the sunset, enjoy the sunshine like the honey which is poured down from the mountain’s peak through the canopy in the quiet and secluded forest surrounding the small town. You can also enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the cool of nature blended with the delicious taste of street cuisine in Tam Dao.

Tam Dao National Park
A bend in Tam Dao national park, Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam.

Since the French discovered Tam Dao in the late 19th century, this place has been known as an ideal weekend tourist destination located 70 km from the capital city of Hanoi. Hanoi people, after the stressful working days, often come here for relaxation and convalescence.

Today, Tam Dao is home to many villas, hotels of tens of year, and even new luxury resorts. The number of tourists coming here at weekend is growing and therefore make the small towns much busier. Sometimes, taking a walk in the center of the town, you can also hear the voice of people singing karaoke echoing on the winding roads.

Trekking and exploring in TamDao National Park

Tam Dao means “three peaks”, the scenery of mountains can be seen from Troi (Heaven) Gate – a destination to be missed in Tam Dao. Tam Dao mountain range is over 1,500 m high with a 35,000ha national park, where is one of the most challenging destinations for tourists who are interested in trekking in northern Vietnam. Many young travelers often choose to climb here to “warm up” for the journey conquering Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina peninsula, at an altitude of 3143 m.

Trekking tin Tam Dao National Park
Trekking & Explore

The appropriate time to trek is from September to April of the following year when the weather is dry, and you can avoid terrestrial leeches and many other insects. If you come here in other time, you should bring Insect repellents, snakebite prevention measurements should also be noted.

Along the way, the trekkers could not avoid being surprised when seeing a lot of flowers along the roadsides. Tam Dao National Park is keeping many species of rare plants such as 16 species of Camellia flowers (among 50 species in the world), 7 species of  Rhododendron scattered throughout the peaks of above 1000m. More specifically, in Tam Dao, about 40 species of orchid including some rare species of orchid are also found.

Enjoying the specialty of chayote

Tam Dao Central Market is only a small area that you can explore in just 10 minutes. During that brief time, you will see a vegetable sold at all stalls, these vegetables is bound in large bundles or wrapped with beef.

It is chayote, a vegetable specialties in Tam Dao because this vegetable is grown all over the hillsides here. You can buy a bunch with a very price. Chayote could also be a small gift to buy and enjoy with your relatives at home.

In Tam Dao, this young and crispy vegetable is usually served with beef rolls, boiled or hotpot. Once you have a grilled beef roll plate or a delicious chayote hot pot, you can order a little rice wine to enjoy all night.

Tam Dao overviews
Overviews from sky

Finding a peaceful private place in Tam Dao National Park

In the green chayote gardens stretching along the slopes of Tam Dao, there are also a number of peaceful destinations for tourists to relax and think about life.

It is Quan Gio, a cafe with the panoramic view of the south of the small town, where you can sip a cup of coffee and feel the cool breeze.

Look up to the sky in Tam Dao national park, Vinh Phuc, Vietnam.
Look up to the sky in your private place.

If you are lucky, you can find a desirable house of writer Nguyen Qui Duc. As a writer and also a translator living in Hanoi, he often thinks about his ” secluded house ” in Tam Dao town. He says: “I want to go there to live a few months, take care of myself and write a book.” This writer also owns a three-story house located on a hillside in Tam Dao, where there are large windows overlooking a swimming pool surrounded by endless mountain views.

Another place where is quite easy to find is Golden Temple. Despite being little-known, this temple still has its own attraction with hundreds of stone steps leading to the temple on the mountain. Seeing the scenery from above, listening to the temple bell echoes, you can feel that your mind is much more relaxed.

Visiting TamDao, you try to experience everything before returning to the noisy and boisterous capital.

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