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Tam Dao Mountain Trail – The Best Place to Hang Out with Friends

Cool climate, short travel time, full catering services, resorts … these are the reasons that make Tam Dao always a favorable destination for short trips in the North.

Long ago, Tam Dao tourism always in the top of the ideal destination for short trips in Hanoi. Just search on Google with keywords like: travel at the weekends, short-term tourism, Tam Dao is always mentioned first. It is not natural that Tam Dao is so popular and crowded.

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 1

First of all, with a distance of only 80 km from central Hanoi, which is equivalent to 1.5 to 2 hours of driving, this place is suitable for short trips, including day trips. Then the climate of Tam Dao is always cool, so if you want to escape during the hot days, this place is even more ideal.

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 2

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 3

Tourist attractions in Tam Dao are not too much, but also enough to explore without you bored. The sites that you can visit are: Tam Dao Stone Church, Silver Falls, the road to TV tower, Rung Rinh peak. If you are afraid to go far, then Tam Dao also has many beautiful angles to capture virtual live images.

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 4

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 5

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 6

In terms of accommodation services, beside the hotel system, popular guest house cost only 300,000 VND (14 USD)/ night, in recent years, Tam Dao has many new and beautiful homestay for relaxation. You can check the Belvedere Tam Dao resort or the villa of writer Nguyen Qui Duc.

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 7

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 8

The cuisine of Tam Dao is also quite interesting with typical dishes such as grilled vegetables and barbeque. With a cool climate, chayote is always fresh here, so do not miss the famous stir-fried or boiled chayote which is so sweet and crispy. Grilled chicken wrapped in silver foil here is also good reputation

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 9

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 10

The restaurants in Tam Dao are diverse, but you can also take a stroll around Tam Dao to discover the food at the local food market. There are all kinds of grilled eggs, sticky rice and sesame, baked sweet potatoes, grilled chicken. Generally it’s enough for the entire family to explore during a short vacation.

Tam Dao Mountain Trail 11

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