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The worshiping custom of Vietnamese

The ancestral worshiping custom of Vietnamese on 1st and 15th day of the lunar month.

The major religion of Vietnamese is Buddhism, and with the Buddhist believers in Vietnam they have the special two days in a lunar month, that is the first and fifteenth day of a month, this is the first day and the middle day of a lunar month. Different from any local place in the world, these are the special two days of the Buddhist believers. Normally, in these special two days, the locals in each place around Vietnam will buy some special things such as some flowers, candy, cakes, fruits, betel and areca to worship (burn incense) and wish their ancestors support for them the best things in that month. In these two days, the locals also often go to the pagodas or temples to pray the best things for them during that whole month, when they go to the pagodas and temples, then they also buy some simple things such as flowers, fruits, candy, cakes to worship on these hallowed places.

If you are tourists whose visit cities or villages around Vietnam, then you will see that there are more flowers and fruits to be sold in these two days, the sellers also sell one day before or the exact date of the first and fifteenth day, so that almost of flowers on these dates are very fresh and beautiful, but it is also offered little expensive than the daily. With the monks whose live in pagodas or persons whose usually go to temples or pagoda every month, then they also use these two days 1st and 15th to eat vegetarian food.

Ba Chua Kho Temple

If you are tourists whose visit the famous spirit tourist sites are the temples or pagodas in the cities in Vietnam such as Ba Chua Kho Temple, Perfume Pagoda, Bai Dinh Pagoda…,then you will have a chance to see a lot of people whose go here to burn incense and pray everyday, especially even it is very hard for you to go inside these famous temples and pagodas in these two days because there are a lot of tourist whose live around Vietnam prefer to visit these famous spirit sites very much (especially, it is very crowded in the lunar January after New Year, it is normally on the solar February and March) so that if you are travellers whose intend to explore the famous temples or pagodas of Vietnam in these periods, then you should check your schedule carefully in advance to avoid any bad cases cause by too crowded locals. But if you travel to the historical sites are the famous temples and temples of Vietnam at this time, you have a chance to see the traditional habits and customs which are organized in these hallowed places as well as buy the local products which are made by the real locals, it is very meaning and cheap in order you use as the small gifts to give your relatives at home after your trip to Vietnam.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

The ancestral worshiping custom and go to temples as well as pagodas to pray the best things of Vietnamese on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar month has been lasted since very long-standing so far and until now it is still considered as one of very important customs of almost of Vietnamese, each Vietnamese family often do not forget buying something to worship on their ancestral altars on the first and fifteenth day of the lunar month, and if you are the foreigner tourists whose visit any local or the temples or pagodas in Vietnam on these two days, then you will see very clearly this custom at the place where you arrive or the temple or pagoda where you arrive.

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