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Top 10 beautiful islands in Phan Thiet, Vietnam

  1. Mui Ne

Mui Ne is the most beautiful beach in Phan Thiet, about 22 kilometers in the north-east of the city center. It has many high-class hotels and resorts which are the perfect places to relax and organize events and camping. I think you should not miss this exciting destination in Phan Thiet. Do not hesitate to plan for an exciting journey to this unique land.

Mui Ne Island in Vietnam | Sunset on Bau Trang desert - Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Viet Nam

  1. Bai Rang

Bai Rang beach is also one of the most beautiful beaches in Phan Thiet city. Bai Rang is about 15 kilometers north of the city center. It has many thick coconut trees rows that look like the coconut forest. In the summer, the beach is always crowded so visitors can bath, relax and enjoy the delicious grilled fish. Do not miss this place while traveling Phan Thiet. I hope you have a great holiday with your family and friends.

Rang Island in Phan Thiet

  1. Hon Rom

Hon Rom, which has many beautiful landscapes and over 17 kilometers beaches, is still very pristine. Hon Rom is a small wild mountain in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City. Here, it has crystal-clear blue water, smooth waves, and no rocks. In the morning or in the afternoon, you can sit for sunrise or sunset. In the evening, you can see the moon or campfire. In Hon Rom, the beach has many areas such as Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2, Thuy Trang and so on.

Hon Rom - Rom Island in Phan Thiet

  1. Hon Ghenh

From Hon Ghenh, you can see one side is Mui Ne and the other side is Hon Rom. It looks like that the arms are embracing the sea. Hon Ghenh is quite primitive. To reach Hon Ghenh, you can hire fisherman’s boat about $8 both go and come back. After about 10 minutes, you will set foot on this island. The first impression is the clear water, the beautiful coral reefs under the sea, and the small and huge rocks. I suggest you should travel in the afternoon because this time is the most beautiful. You can see the sunset on the island.

Hon Gheanh Beach - The most beautiful island in Phan Thiet

  1. Sand Hill

Sand Hill is one of the beautiful places that impressed poets, painters, and photographers. Besides the beautiful shape, the color of the sand is also attractive to many visitors because it has about 18 different colors. On the sand hill, you can rent a board to play sand slide. The price is only about 5,000 VND per board. After playing, you can enjoy coconut milk or best flour cake on Sand Hill.

Sand Hill in Phan Thiet Vietnam

  1. Hon Ba Island

Hon Ba is a small island located about 2 kilometers east of Lagi bank, Ham Tan district, and about 70 kilometers southeast of Phan Thiet. This is a pristine island and the whole island is covered with a fresh green of wild plants, sandy shoreline, and clear water to see the bottom. Hon Ba has the shape like a giant tortoise in the center of the beach. On the island, there is a temple of goddess Ya Ana – the god of the ancient Kingdom of Champa.

  1. Co Thach Rocks and Sea

Stretching on the small part of Binh Thanh Commune, Tuy Phong District, Co Thach is a 7-colors rock beach in Co Thach vestige area. Its stone has many sizes of large and small shape. Especially, the appearance of the rocks attracts many visitors’ attention among white sands and smooth waves. Co Thach is an interesting place to visit when traveling to Phan Thiet or Binh Thuan.

  1. Ganh Son

After going to Co Thach, you can turn right over Binh Thanh fish village along the sea about 5 kilometers. After that, you asked the way to Ghenh Son. In the morning or afternoon from Ganh Son, you can see the whole activity of the bustling and cozy fishing village. The red color of the rocks and the blue of the sea makes space have harmony nuance. Ganh Son is really a natural gift that you should not miss when traveling Phan Thiet.

  1. Cu Lao Cau Island

Cu Lao Cau is located in Phuoc The Commune, Tuy Phong District. It looks as if a huge ship surrounded by hundreds of stones with different colors and shapes. This is a deserted island with about 9 kilometers from the coast. Besides thousands of stone blocks with unique shapes, it has green lawns for visitors to relax. This place is planned as a marine reserve and it is an attractive marine eco-tourism.

  1. Phu Quy island

Phu Quy is far from the coast of Phan Thiet about 100 kilometers. Phu Quy island has large pagodas such as Linh Quang Pagoda, and Cao Cat Pagoda which are recognized as historical cultural sites. The island has diverse coral reefs, and many beaches such as Trieu Duong, Doi Dua, Nhanh Ganh Hang, and Mo Thay. If you have an opportunity to go to the small island around Phu Quy island as Hon Tranh, Hon Den, Ho Trung, you will certainly find the sea of ​​Phan Thiet extremely attractive.

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