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Top 10 famous foods in Dalat that you should try

Da Lat is well known as a tourist destination that attracts many native people and foreigners. Coming to this “paradise of love”, everyone hopes to have a wonderful trip. Beside visiting beautiful landscapes, eating local specialties is an important thing that every tourist would like to enjoy here. Below, I will introduce you some dishes you should enjoy when traveling Dalat.

  1. Xap Xap

Top 10 famous foods in Dalat that you should try

I do not know how it is called in English. But, you can understand that this is like Nom Bo Kho (dried beef sweet and sour grated salad) in Hanoi and dried beef in Saigon. However, this food here has the distinctive flavor. When trying this food, you are impressed at the first time because of the crisp and sweet of the papaya, and the salty taste of the pig liver, peanuts, and basil. You can stroll Xuan Huong Lake and stop at the small pub on the lake to enjoy this dish.

  1. Grilled Rice Sheet

Top 10 famous foods in Dalat that you should try

This dish is very common in other countrysides in Vietnam. But in Dalat, its taste is different. This is probably the most famous dish in Dalat. Unlike the aromatic flavor of Binh Thuan grilled rice sheet, Dalat grilled rice sheet is not so sweet and salty. So, visitors are impressed by this. Imagining in a cold afternoon, you sit on the sidewalk with your family or friends and enjoy this dish. The feeling is so great.

  1. Bap Ram (Corn Rice Sheet)

Top 10 famous foods in Dalat that you should try

This kind of food is very popular in cold weather like Da Lat. Of course, it cannot lack Corn Rice Sheet. Young corn is puréed, marinated that is not too salty and tasteless. People usually do it as a kernel in rice sheet. Afer that, people roll up and fry it until yellow. When eating this food, Bap Ram is once again wrapped with rice sheet, cucumber, carrots, and raw vegetables. This dish dipped in peanut sauce is extremely delicious.

  1. Steamed thin rice pancake

You can create a little surprise for yourself with breakfast is a dish of “strange” steamed thin rice pancake in Dalat city. Few visitors know this dish before coming to Da Lat. The unique combination of steamed thin rice pancake and chicken hearts has attracted the curiosity of many visitors when coming here. And when you taste it, you will be passionate to the soft taste of Steamed thin rice pancake and the sweet meat and chicken wings.

  1. Xiu Mai Bread

Xiu Mai Bread is usually held in a small bowl which is filled with soup, Xiu Mai ball, Grilled chopped meat, or skin pork. They are sprinkled with onions and they make Xiu Mai eye-catching. A bowl of Xiu Mai Bread is only 0.5$. When trying this food, you can feel the sweet of meat together with baked bread and a bit oniony. It is definitely a wonderful experience.

  1. Can Cake

Although it is not originated food here, Can Cake is always in the top delicious dishes in Dalat that many people would like to try. You can find this dish in every corner of Dalat city. Those small restaurants in Da Lat are not too spacious. But they are always attracted visitors by Can Cake hot ovens. It is not eaten with sauce as in other places, Can Cake here is soft and crispy. I believe you will have a great experience here.

  1. Snails are stuffed with meat

The snails stuffed with meat has long been a famous dish of Dalat, especially on rainy days. Visitors can feel the crispy, sweet, and fragrant of snails, meat, and citronella together with a little bit of ginger sauce. Especially, The aroma from the charcoal stove will make you remember this food forever.

  1. Thanh Thao avocado Ice-Cream

Avocado Ice-Cream here can be considered as a special Dalat specialties. This dish is not mixed with much ice like many other places, so it is very delicious and great. The aroma of avocado with a bit Vani Cream and durian makes you feel cool and delicious. When thinking about this dish, it really makes my mouth water.

  1. Me Linh Coffee Garden

Me Linh Cafe is far from Dalat about 20 kilometers. This is a famous mink cafe with the casual style. This place brings to you not only a cup of quality coffee but also a unique scenery in Da Lat. Its balcony is no roof and decorated simply to have natural sunshine. You can see Dap Cam Ly Lake from the far distance, enjoy the cool wind and see many stunning sceneries.

  1. Ba Toa beef hot pot

Do not hesitate to try the Ba-Toa hot pot here and you can feel the typical taste of Ba Toa hot pot. Besides, you are also fascinated by the space and cold of Dalat land. Another special thing is that the main ingredient is highland mountain beef. It makes this dish more aromatic and delicious than other countrysides. Moreover, hot pot soup is made elaborately to create sweet taste.

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