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Top 10 great food that you do not miss when traveling to Danang, Vietnam

Da Nang is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. Beside many beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy delicious food in Da Nang. Those foods not only have the uniquely delicious taste but also mark in the cuisine of Danang city in particular and the Middle of Vietnam in general. Here, I will introduce you some dishes of this countryside that you should not ignore when traveling.

  1. Quang Noodle

Quang noodle has not only unique recipes but also a variety kinds such as small bones Quang noodle, snake-head noodle, eel noodle, crab noodle and so on. But, the traditional noodles is chicken, eggs, and meat

Quang noodle is said to be the famous dish of Danang city. The types of noodle are thick, big and hard. It is different from other kinds of noodle. Quang noodle has not only unique recipes but also a variety kinds such as small bones Quang noodle, snake-head noodle, eel noodle, crab noodle and so on. But, the traditional noodles is chicken, eggs, and meat. Especially, the indispensable ingredient of Quang noodle is roasted peanuts and crispy sesame rice sheet. Quang noodle is eaten with vegetables such as cabbage, basil, bean sprouts, coriander, banana flower, etc. Everything is mixed together to create a wonderful flavor.

  1. Nam O fish salad

Nam O fish salad

Although it is easy to eat, few people try this dish because it is made from raw fish. Nam O fish salad can be processed from many kinds of small fishes. Fish sauce is boiled and mixed with Nam O salted fish, chili, flour, and glutamate. It makes this dish have specialty taste. Enclosing vegetables are very diverse and special. I do not know how it is called in English, so you can understand that it is the typical leaves grown in Danang. Now, other vegetables such as cucumber, mango, or banana are used to satisfy the demand of visitors and customers.

  1. Bun Cha Ca (Noodles and Grilled Fish Balls)

Noodles and Grilled Fish Balls

When visiting the Middle of Vietnam, it is easy to find noodles and grilled fish balls. However, Bun Cha Ca in Da Nang is very special. This food is delicious without fishy smell. Many visitors are impressed by this food when trying it the first time. Bun Cha Ca is also served with raw vegetables such as salads. basil, or raw bean sprouts. In particular, the indispensable spices of this dish are chili and garlic that are mixed with vinegar and sugar. The sweet, sour and spicy taste make the food have a great taste.

  1. Pork Rice Sheet

This food has the simple and impressive recipe. Moreover, it is also easy to eat. Pork in Da Nang is famous because of its ingredients are selected carefully. It makes this food have a perfect flavor. People choose the butt or shoulder of the pigs and then, they steam to keep their sweet. Vegetables are very common and easy to find. However, they must be fresh and green such as salads, basil, houttuynia, green onion, bean sprouts, bitter banana flower and so on.

  1. Banh Xeo ( Rice Pancake Folded in half)

Banh Xeo Danang is not too small and not too large because it just has free size. Banh xeo in Da Nang is made from rice flour together with yolks and turmeric powder. The inside part is also carefully selected, only made from raw shrimp, lean and fat meat mixed, and fresh bean sprouts. Fresh vegetables are very fresh such as salads, lettuces, basils, and unripe banana. Soy sauce is made from pig’s liver and peanuts and it makes this dish meaty and delicious.

  1. Banh Beo ( Bloating fern-shaped cake )

Banh Beo is the simple food of many local people here. However, many visitors are impressed by its taste when they try it the first time. There are many kinds of Banh Xeo and they are distinguished by their shape and their way of eating. For example, Banh Beo Tai ( its shape is like ears ) is prepared on the plate, Banh Beo Chen ( its shape is like a cup ) is prepared on a small round cup. When coming to Da Nang, you can find Banh Xeo in many streets, lanes, restaurants, and hotels.

  1. Banh Trang Dap (Crispy Rice Sheet)

Banh Trang Dap is one of the unique foods in Da Nang. Banh Trang Dap consists of two layers. They are grilled rice sheet and steamed thin rice pancake ( Banh Uot). In addition, there are shrimp and meat inside. Rice Sheet is grilled until it is crunchy and the steamed thin rice pancake is made from rice flour. When enjoying Banh Trang Dap, visitors will feel the crunch of Banh Trang, the softness of Banh Uot, and the sweet of shrimp and meat together with the flavor of the sauce. It is such a wonderful experience.

  1. Che Hat Luu ( Pomegranate Seed )

Che Hat Luu is made from Gracilaria, finest flour, and coconut milk. Everything is mixed together to create great flavor. When you eat this food, you can feel the crispy jelly, the aroma sweet of coconut milk and tough pomegranate seed. It makes you forget the bad things. Especially on sunny days, enjoying this dish is so great.

  1. Snails

When visiting Danang, you have the opportunity to enjoy this special dish. Snails are washed cleanly and after that, they are stir-fried with chili and citronella. The recipe is not special but the taste is extremely great. You can go along the sidewalk to find this food with friends or family. When eating this dish, you can eat with rice sheet together with the sweet and spicy sauce.

  1. Jackfruit mix

Jackfruit is boiled and after that, it is mixed with salad, small shrimps, peanuts, onion, sweet and sour sauce with a little basil. Although it is simple, people feel it delicious with its eye-catching color. Especially, when trying this food with a bit rice sheet, you can feel the taste of crispy rice sheet together with aroma peanuts and shrimps and spicy chili. Do not hesitate to eat this dish to feel the taste of Danang.

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