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Top 2 Places to Take the Best Selfie in Dalat

La Nha Homestay

Dalat 1

Located at 77 Hoang Dieu (1.5km from center), this is a good choice if you are afraid of the weather in Da Lat stopping you from taking nice photos.

Dalat 2

Dalat 3

Don’ worry because even when it is stormy, you can still make a great set of photos here. All corners are very nicely decorated with pretty and rustic style. The evening is very sparkling in the homestay, and the bedrooms are lovely with vintage style.

Road to the Cu Lan Village

It’s about 20 – 30 km from the center to Cu Lan Village. It sounds a bit far, but don’t mind because it is really beautiful. Its better than travel short distance but you have nothing beautiful. It takes about 30 minutes drive and you have the pine forest, beautiful bends on the road, lakes and streams. This is also the place in the music video “April is your lie” (Tháng tư là lời nói dối của em), a beautiful song by Ha Anh Tuan singer.

Dalat 4

The pine forest is on your right hand side. Please notice that there are quite a lot of forests, but the most beautiful place is near a slope, there is a small signboard “Cu Lan village”, opposite the pine forest is green lawn with pines to the right. The two rows of trees and streams are located on the way down the valley of the golden valley, also on that road, from the pine forest to the right, you can ask the local people to go there easily. At 8:30 in the morning you can start the trip and com back at 12h30 to rest.

Dalat 5

Only these two sites are enough for you to have so many beautiful photos. In particular, all the photos in my album are taken by phone.

Dalat 6

In addition to these two places, to Dalat you should check-in at places such as The Chicken church, Lam Vien square, children’s home, Da Lat train station..

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