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Top 5 Not-To-Be-Missed Tourist Attractions in Cambodia

If you are interested in ancient architectural sites in Asia, then a visit to the kingdom of them – Cambodia is unmissable. The history and culture of Cambodia as well as a wide range of fascinating heritage sites will absolutely amaze you. I hope that after reading my post of Top 5 not-to-be-missed tourist attractions in Cambodia, you will have more ideas for what to see during Indochina tour packages.

The Angkor complex
Considered as a beautiful symbol of Cambodia and one of World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO, Angkor complex (including Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temple) is widely well-known for its priceless ancient architectural values referring to the unique Khmer culture. Stretching over a large area of 400 square kilometers, The Angkor complex was first built as a Hindu temple, it then turned into a Buddhist one in the 12th century. Thus, it plays an extremely important role to both religions and attracts the most domestic and international tourists as well as local pilgrims to worship or just admire its majestic beauty.

Royal Palace
Built in over 30 years after King Norodom relocated the ancient capital city from Oudong to Phnom Penh, the Royal Palace is considered as one of the most outstanding structure of Khmer architecture. The complex is divided into 4 segments by walls including: Silver Pagoda, Khemarin Palace, Throne Hall and Inner Court, which will offer you the chance to witness different architectural styles and designs. It is also fun for you to know that these structures are really old, some dates back to the 19th century, which also allows you to learn more about some unique historical features of Cambodia.

Wat Phnom Hill
Located at the heart of Phnom Penh, Wat Phnom is the tallest religious site of Cambodia, which was built in 1372. The Pagoda owns many bronze ancient Buddha statues and a cleverly mysterious architectural style, which offer you an opportunity to not only learn more about the development of Buddhism in Cambodia but also to capture many nice photos for your Cambodia discovery.

The Killing Fields
You might hear about the Killing Fields before coming to Cambodia as one of the most terrible places in harrowing history in Khmer Rouge, where over 17,000 guiltless Cambodian people were executed.
Visiting the fields, you can observe a wide range of evidences, extend your knowledge of what Cambodia had to suffer and overcome to survive in the past as well as show some respect to their dedications.

Siem Reap
Siem Reap will be an ideal spot for you to experience a true Cambodia. Besides Angkor Complex, the city has many more for your Cambodia expedition. House of Peace Association might be a cool spot for you to experience firsthand Cambodian traditional shadow puppet and listen to various unique folk songs.

Another must-try spot for gourmet traveler is Bugs Café, a local unique place where you can challenge yourself with multiple choices of dishes from insects such as spiders, silk worms, crickets, grasshoppers, etc. For those who like shopping, coming to Psar Chaa market will be a must. It is a nice place for you to search for many authentic items in Cambodia from wet and dried food, clothes, souvenirs, and local specialties. But the rule you should follow is to always bargain for the good prices as local sellers in Cambodia and Indochina always want the best profit for their goods.

What is more, coming to some museums and local villages is another great choice for you to learn more about history and culture of the country.
If you only want to have a relaxing day in Siem Reap, you should spend time on one of Mekong cruises to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy fresh air and cool river breezes, or witness the sun sets over local fishing villages.

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