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Top interesting to know when travel to Vietnam

In foreign countries, Vietnam is known as a country that suffered a lot from wars. Nowadays, with huge efforts from different social classes and “open window” policies of the Government, Vietnam gradually becomes a ‘new destination’ to the worldwide. There are many charming sceneries that will deeply touch your heart when you travel to Vietnam. Besides, there are a lot of special things that make tourists surprised during their vacation in Vietnam. These are sometimes what make your holiday unforgettable.

So here we go… it’s all about Vietnam!

1/ The main means of transportation in Vietnam is MOTOBIKE

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According to the figures of the Ministry of Transport, there are more than 10 million motorbikes on Vietnamese roads. Owning a car is incredibly expensive because the tax is around 100-300%, so it’s a luxury reserved for the very wealthy. The tax for motorbikes is far cheaper, making it a more affordable means of transportation for everyday commute.

2/”Uncle Ho” s body was embalmed and is on display in a mausoleum

The first president of Vietnam has been dead over many decades but his body is on show for the world to see in The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi. The Mausoleum is usually closed from September to December.

3/ Vietnamese people: friendly and helpful

Travel to Vietnam, you will feel warmly welcomed as the locals are really friendly. A restaurant owner or a taxi driver is always willing to give you good suggestions for destinations, foods, gifts, even when you do not use their services. While walking on the street, you are likely to see local people friendly smile at you.

4/Travel Vietnam to taste “weird” drinks

Many strange foods and drinks are among fun facts about Vietnam. They may bring different and thrilled feelings. Have you ever drink “snake wine”. It is a specialty that you should try when you travel to Vietnam. Vietnamese put the whole snake (or scorpion) into the bottle and then pour the rice wine into it.

The other weird Vietnamese drink is Eggnog Coffee. The drink has 3 layers. The condensed milk is on the bottom, strong, Vietnamese coffee is in the middle and egg white foam is on the top. It tastes amazing!

5/ You can visit different types of Temples in Vietnam

The Vietnamese pagoda (Chua) is regarded as a place of worship where offerings are made. Conversely, the Vietnamese den (temple) is not strictly a place of worship, but more of a monument built to honor a great historical figure internet. Remember ““Pagodas are for worship, temples are for honor.”

The only way you can feel the true beauty of the country is to experience it yourself. Travel to Vietnam will indulge your senses and open your mind. Why don’t you travel to Vietnam and experience all those special things yourself?

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