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Travel to Saigon, Don’t Forget to Visit the Colourful Chinatown

In Saigon, the place where most of the Chinese people live is District 5. Here, the Chinese have built many streets with their characteristic architecture. The center of living and trading of the Chinese is Cho Lon area, also known as Chinatown by tourists. Try to spend a whole day exploring the scenery, space, food in this area, you will know that in the heart of Saigon there are special areas like that.

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Cho Lon is the focus of daily life and business of the Chinese people. Around the market, there are the houses of the Chinese with bold Hong Kong architecture style. Stepping into Chinatown, the image that most visitors come across is the old, red-tiled roofed houses, nestled close to each other. It seems you are walking in a real Chinese area.

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District 5 of the Chinese people retains the cultural, architectural and religious value of hundreds of years ago. Tile roofs in Chinatown, along with characteristic architecture, feature a very classical look. Visitors feel as if they were present in the old quarter of the Chinese people in the last century. From Ben Thanh to Tran Hung Dao Street you will reach the Chinatown.

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In each of the houses, in front of the door, they hang red lanterns of Chinese people, paste some red paper as the color of the Chinese homes. As for the families doing business of food, drugs or even the necessary supplies, the sign of the restaurant have two words: Vietnam and a Chinese, looks quite impressive.

Cho Lon area includes famous markets dealing in various commodities such as Binh Tay market, which sells items such as dried seafood, abalone, fish, fishballs… Soai Kinh Lam market sells fabrics such as satin, silk, brocade, elastic, chiffon, khaki to fabric of curtains, blanket, cushions, tablecloths …

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Not only doing business in the markets, the restaurants, stalls, shops… also fill the two sides of the roads such as Hai Thuong Lan Ong, Chau Van Liem, Hau Giang and Lam Tan Ke …

After walking around the market, the Thien Hau Pagoda is an attractive destination in Cho Lon area. It is one of the oldest Chinese temples built in Cho Lon (around 1760). The pagoda with its characteristic Chinese architecture is very precious both in term of historical value and cultural value.It is always a place to attract visitors to visit and enjoy.

Coming here, you can enjoy lots of famous dishes of Chinese people such as: roast duck, roast pork, duck noodle, steamed chicken and herbal medicine… In addition, shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, noodle… which are so delicious that visitors always love to enjoy.

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The Chinatown area seems to have brought Saigon a new color scheme, embellishing Saigon tourism. Visitors not only live in the ordinary living space of the Chinese people, but also enjoy the beauty of the ancient temple architecture of the Chinese.

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