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Useful Tips for Your Myanmar Trip 2017,2018

If you have chosen Myanmar as your next holiday destination then we should appreciate your choice as Myanmar is one of the greatest places to visit in the world. But we know that you’re not familiar with the country and you’re a little nervous and anxious how to do and how to before and after reaching Myanmar.

Well, you should be not that anxious about your trip as we’re here to tell you about all the important things which will help you to spend a successful and memorable Myanmar holiday.

Below are some useful tips for your Myanmar trip. We would suggest you have a look about all of these tips to make a marvelous holiday in Myanmar.

Myanmar trip 2017

Visa for Myanmar trip 2017

There are two options for getting a visa for Myanmar. One is official website evisa.moip.gov.mm where you can apply for Myanmar visa online and another one is by visiting the embassy in person. Now it’s upon to you what you choose. But we know smart people will surely prefer online method to save time and unwanted efforts. Although both methods charge equal amount of money you’ll receive your visa within 3 days if you prefer online method, also you do not need to visit the embassy in person for collecting your visa.

Permitted Areas

There are certain places in Myanmar which require special permission of the government for safety and security purpose. In this case, you need to approach your travel agent who can arrange you’re traveling to such areas. You need to be updated with all the latest information about such areas if you desire to visit.

Hotel Booking

A smart traveler will never visit any strange place without a hotel booking. You should not take a chance by visiting Myanmar and booking a room in hotel on the spot. The better is to book your hotel before reaching to the place if you do not want to roam the Myanmar’s street in search of a hotel into your budget. You can book hotels online by paying an advance, the advantage is you can get your desirable room and services and also avail the discounts and offers online. They will ask for your identity card and even your passport, you must keep all the essentials with you to complete the formalities.


We would suggest you use local currency i.e. Kyat if you want to explore any place in Myanmar confidently. Although Myanmar allows USD currency in the form of payment, we’re telling you, you will not get a favorable deal in exchange rate. So kindly prefer to use local currency. You can exchange your currency with Kyat through currency exchangers.

Also, you should not keep the whole amount in cash; either it is US currency or Kyat. Keep your ATM/Credit/Debit card with you while traveling to Myanmar and ensure either your card is international usage enabled or not. If not, then apply for the same by visiting your respective bank or online.

Phone and SIM Card

Mobile phone and SIM Card is the most important part of your foreign tour which keeps you connected with your belonging and your country. In this case, it will be better if you buy Myanmar local SIM card at airport to avoid network issues. Telenor SIM card is a great idea, as it’s a leading mobile network in Myanmar. You can buy from airport before entering to avoid communication interruptions.

Easily Removable/Casual Shoes

We will suggest you wear easily removable or casual shoes throughout your Myanmar tour as the country have so many temples with stunning architecture you will surely like to visit. It will irritate you to wear and remove, and wear and then again remove your shoes while visiting the entire pieces of architecture. Wear such shoes which you can easily remove and wear again and cheer the beauty of Myanmar’s Pagodas. You must carry a plastic bag where you can place your shoes easily.

Dress Elegantly

Myanmar is a country of culture, tradition, and civilization where you will follow and respect the culture. Wearing modern outfit like hot pants, miniskirts may hurt the emotions and dignity of the country. In this case, you would recommend you to follow the tradition of the country and avoid such outfits. Well, to feel Myanmar closely, you can buy their traditional outfits like Longyi and wear throughout your holiday.

Follow and Respect Culture

Buddha is the Lord of the people of Myanmar and you must respect the creations and sculpture of the Lord Buddha. If you bought the sculpture, then keep it at a safe place. Do not try to place anywhere else which can insult the art and creativity of the Burmese. If you wear a Buddha tattoo then try to hide it and better try not to keep it as it may hurt the belief of Burmese.

Myanmar is an outstanding country to visit, where you will find the masterpiece sculpture, pieces of art and architecture. You can enjoy your holiday in Myanmar with joy and fun. Best wishes for the joyful and stunning visit in Myanmar.

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  1. Yet to visit Myanmar, but how I really want to, should have stopped in when in Laos.. It looks really beautiful and I know this website will give me a lending hand when I decide to go.

  2. This is really a low down on the planning! Very useful for anyone planning a trip. Well done indoChinaTravelGuides

  3. Hi there, definitely going to visit. Thanks for the tips.

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