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In Hanoi, $1,5 for a vegan buffet makes sense

What you have to do is just enjoying the fest and leaving 30,000VND as a fixed price for such a “cropful” meal.

#1. Location:

Humbly located on Nguyen Dinh Thi- a street running along the West Lake, Dieu Tam Chay bistro still makes its own way to the gourmets’ hearts. Tranquil and rustic, those 2 words are what I can utterly come up with to describe the so-called style of this place.
Unlikely to others luxurious restaurants saturated with ornateness, Dieu Tam would rather resemble a typical Hanoi a house in a narrow alleyway, with nothing much special. Or perhaps, the impression just lays on those tasty dishes.

Hanoi Street food
Hanoi Street food

#2. A taste of peace:

I come here on every 1st and 15th day of the month according to the lunar calendar. It’s my tradition, the Buddhist tradition, you can tell at first. But personally, I somehow take this serious for the concern of animal. That’s why I go on an amazing conquer the world of vegetarian gastronomy. And as usual, here is the long queue with groups of guests looking for vacant seats. It takes a while for me to settle down but nothing can upset me when those scrumptious foods are served right there.
It is so hard for me to decide which dish gonna get the best rank in a food marathon. But believe me, everything deserves a try: Cantonese brown rice, fried tofu, cucumber salad, bean paste,… Sounds not too catchy but imagine, just one bite can immediately lighten your gourmand soul.
Many people ask me if those meat-free foods are delicious enough to melt the meat-lovers’ hearts. Or whether it is possible to regain energy with a meal full of vegetable. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this since there is no limitation for the quantity you get. And some of those dishes have a taste just like the normal meaty ones, which absolutely emerge our appetite.

Hoan Kiem Lake at night
Coming to Hanoi, you will not be able to ignore Hoan Kiem lake, is located in downtown Hanoi, here are gentle, peaceful.

Why a taste of peace? I consider that maybe signify the mixture of such “hédoniste” in the spirit and the body. With the minimum use of oil and harmful protein, your physical body would be fully light your mind would be purified.

#3. Bonus beverage, please?

If you wish, some options (charging about 15,000VND/each) are available for the sake of a completely perfect meal. On a menu paper attached on the wall, you will find something interesting there: soy milk, corn milk, roasted-rice water, etc. These kinds of drinks may not take you to the cloud nine, but really helpful for your digestion.

Hanoi tea drinking
Tea drinking is an activity enjoyed especially the older generation. Tea is sold commonly in “quán cóc” – or street vendors which can easily be found in front the gate of bus terminals, train station, schools, offices or even in some corners in quiet alleys

#4. Facts concerned:

An interesting thing you might perceive consciously that the number of foreign guests coming here increases day by day. And when the meal gets to the finish, people leave and their faces radiant with smiles.
If you want something free to drink, make yourself at home with the iced tea.
I’d recommend to all of you to try some brown rice mixed with black beans because it is total, amazingly delicious. Moreover, it does not creep us out with a nightmarish imagination ever called: Weight-gaining.

Hanoi Bear - Bia Hoi Coner
Bia Hoi Corner. Welcome to the roadside drinking Hanoi Style!!! One of the truly great institutions of Hanoi.

#5. Why a vegan station?

Hidden away in the gauze of West Lake appears such a little organic vegan outlet that you should never ever miss. The setup, in a glimpse, with nothing impressive yet cozy, may give you the true feeling of living in a normal house of Hanoi. Many tourists have a cliché that Hanoians always get themselves furious, especially those “chefs” of the restaurants on pavement. Nevertheless, you will not be let down by the serving style of this vegan bistro: gentle, nice and polite. Only $1,5 for whatever you’d love to eat, why not?

Famous food in Hanoi - Xoi
Famous food in Hanoi – Xoi Ga (chicken Xoi)

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