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Visit The Spiritual Pra Keo Temple in Vientiane

The Kingdom of Laos – also known as the land of million elephants, the land of Buddhism, the country of festivals. Coming to the Kingdom of Laos, you will be attracted by the peaceful slow life, beautiful nature and ancient atmosphere of sacred temples. Speaking of temples, we can not forget Phra Keo Temple in Vientiane.

Laos has about 1500 large and small temples, ang them, there are up to hundreds of temples in Vientiane . Phra Keo in Vientiane is considered as the most ancient and important temple of Laos. Phra Keo Temple, also known as Haw Phra Kaew, is a famous jade Buddha Temple, formerly it was visited by royal family. The temple was built in 1565 under the reign of Setthathirat after he wore the crown. This was used as the home to the jade Buddha statue and the place for members of royal family to worship It is famous thanks to the jade Buddha statue inside. It was once occupied by the Siamese invaders, and in 1779 the Phra Keo Buddha was stolen by the Siamese. By 1828 the temple was completely destroyed. From 1936 to 1942, Souvanna Phouma rebuilt the temple, then Souvanna Phouma was the first prime minister of Laos.

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Phra Keo Temple is a unique architecture, with typical traditional culture of the Lao people. The temple is built on rock. Running along the stairs are two stone dragons which were carved finely to the smallest details with Lao architecture. At present, visitors to the temple can admire the statues of Buddha with various materials such as copper, terracotta, stone … carved in the Lao style, very sharp but delicate. The more special thing that will make visitors enjoy is different beauty, facial expressions of Buddha statues. Each statue is unique, none of them is the same, making the temple more special. Admiring carefully, you will feel the soul hidden inside each of these works. Besides, these statues are also gilded in some places such as the head, stomach, chest … with the idea of protecting the Lao people with a prosperous and happy life.

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If you like a peaceful place with no skyscrapers, crowded commercial areas, boulevards blazing with light, but rather the quietness of a simple life with the green shady park, the quiet roads with figures of some monks, the temple hidden behind the trees, Phra Keo will make you enjoy.

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