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4 Reasons Why Tourists Love the Walking Street in Hanoi

1. Record beautiful moments

The area around Hoan Kiem Lake is favourite place for many people to come taking photos. Since the walking street in Hanoi was opened, the number of people looking for this place to record beautiful moments has increased exponentially. The reasons are so many (even countless): it is a place that very typical in Hanoi, free entrance fee, no need to pay attention to traffic… That’s why so many people feel more and more interested in the place.

walking street in hanoi

2. The freedom to do what you want

In the walking street, you can freely do what you want, even sleeping on the bench, sitting amid the road to play, talking with friends, listening to music or eating. It’s true that the walking street around the Hoan Kiem Lake is really a tranquil, poetic but also very cheerful, lively and eye–catching picture.

walking street in hanoi 2

3. Buy drinks from vending machine

Vending machine is one of the favourite products with the people on walking streets. After opening, 5 vending machines have shown their good points that attract many people. Although small in design, each of the vending machine can contain about 300 products.

walking street in hanoi 3

People can make payment at the vending machines by cash from 1.000 – 50.000 VND. Currently, the products that the vending machines sell are about 5.000 – 10.000 VND. Prices for products are very reasonable, for example: mineral water is 5.000 VND/bottle, coke is 10.000 VND/ bottle. However, a special note for the customer is the vending machines have no function of paying back the redundant money, so you should have small change to suit the amount of money you pay for the drink.

4. Free wifi

The free wifi system around Hoan Kiem Lake is installed with an outdoor wireless equipment which is at high quality and operates stably in different weather conditions. Each wifi station can serve 40 devices at the same time. To use the free wifi system, you can use your smart phone or devices to access the “Freewifi_UBNDHANOI”.

walking street in hanoi 4

After 10 seconds of introducing the walking street and logo of the sponsors, we continue to type our phone number and then can use free wifi in 10 minutes. After the duration, the wifi is off automatically. If you want to access it again, you should repeat the actions as above.

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