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The wonderful Myanmar’s Islands and Cruise Tips

The Mid Miscos islands arranged at the outrageous northern most purpose of the Archipelago, seaward from Maungmagan Shoreline. These Islands are not some portion of the Mergui confined territory and are straightforwardly available. Get to can be masterminded by dealing with a squid vessel proprietor. It takes barely two hours to get to the Islands from Maungmagan Shoreline. Ensure the vessel you enlist is fit for sailing, has floatation devices and take a lot of water. The islands are shrouded in a wilderness and generally have a rough coastline with various little sandy shorelines on the south eastern side. There is no convenience or sustenance accessible on the islands so just day trip are accessible now.

wonderful Myanmar Islands and Cruise Tips

Myeik Island

While the Mergui Archipelago is as yet a confined region it is conceivable to visit the Islands straightforwardly outside the city. The nearer island has a 72m leaning back Buddha and expansive crab cultivate. Both peak pagoda offer all-encompassing perspectives of both Myeik city and the external islands

Bushby Island

Bushby is the quintessence of the Mergui Archipelago. On the off chance that your motivation to come here is to make tracks in an opposite direction from everything all alone little shoreline miles from anyplace then you will acknowledge no place more than this island. Outside of the typical live on board circuit in the southern gathering of islands yet about as far south from Myeik as conceivable in the Northern bunch, this island really is the epicenter of idealism. The Island has a vast inset Bay toward the south and a shocking shoreline for night falls on the westbound side.

Lampi Island, Lanbi Kyun

The biggest Island in the southern archipelago the whole Island is additionally a natural hold. The Northern end of the island has a settlement where various Moken (Ocean Wanderers) were compelled to select a land based presence. Natural life is copious including yelping deer, flying Lima, flying foxes, hornbills, leatherback turtles, pythons and additionally two elephants of extensive ignominy.

Island 115

Little Island without a name rapidly becoming well known. Known for a portion of the best shorelines in the Archipelago and an abundance of shallow snorkeling choices. Most live on board visits will give you a day investigating, kayaking and snorkeling this grand bit of creation.

Cocks Comb Island 

From over this island shows at least a bit of kindness formed pool amidst the island which can be gotten to by swimming under the stones. The island is 2 hours south of Kawthaung. Excursions just run week after week and are dependent on getting least numbers. Chickens Brush island is bound to be one of the must do trips as the Archipelago gradually opens up.

Best time to cruise in Myanmar (Burma)

When planning the best time to visit Myanmar, or Burma, it’s important to consider seasons. This is particularly true when planning to travel by river cruise. One of the most important factors to consider are the weather patterns. It’s critical to prepare for a variety of weather possibilities depending on your travel season, and the river on which you will be cruising. Layering clothing items is always your best bet, as this allows each person to adjust to any temperature, including artificially maintained temperature (such as the ship’s indoor air-condition lounge), by removing or adding items throughout the day. Most of Myanmar (Burma) has a tropical monsoon climate with three seasons: cool, hot, and rainy.

Myanmar (Burma) Cruise Tips


So as to enter the water of Mergui Archipelago, where lies the principal Marine National Stop in Myanmar and furthermore an engaging investigation goal in the Andaman Ocean, each remote guest needs to make installment for an official expense connected to non-Burmese individuals. The fee is constituted from many different factors and its calculation is based on the time of staying, the cruising itinerary, the size of the sailing yacht and the number passengers on board. The fee also covers the expense for visitor license, the charge for staying in the port and the payment for the services of different government departments.


  1. Clothes When going on a Myanmar River Cruise, you should pack two types of clothes. On the one hand, for the time staying on board, you should bring casual and comfortable clothes.
  2. Footwear When traveling to Myanmar in general and having a Myanmar River Cruise in particular, leave all your shoes and socks at home, bring one or two pairs of flip-flops is enough.
  3. Sun protection The best time for river cruising in Myanmaris often in the hot and dry season when the sun will accompany you all day long. In order to avoid sunburns and tans, you should bring all necessary items to protect yourself from the scorching sun.
  4. First-aid Kit A First-aid Kit is Necessary for a Long Journey. Buying medical items onboard is often very expensive and sometimes you cannot find the kind of item that you need, so it’s always a good idea to have a first-aid kit by your side, just in case.
  5. Beverage Your Favorite Drinks Might not be Available on Your Myanmar River Cruise. The prices of drinks and beverages on a cruise ship can be relatively high, so I recommend you prepare bottled water and your favorite soft drink if you expect to consume a lot.
  6. Items for entertainment Mobile Devices Prove to be Useful in Many Circumstances. Don’t forget to bring your smartphones, tablets, portable game players or book readers, they will keep you entertained when you just want to relax in your cabin.


  1. Travel with a tour guide
  2. Pack appropriately
  3. Prepare for the heat
  4. Be a smart eater
  5. Don’t forget your camera

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