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The most Worth Living City in Vietnam

Danang, where is considered the most worth living city in Vietnam, is a beautiful city on the bank of poetic Han River. The perfect location of leaning on the mountain, facing the blue sea creates a gentle and beautiful Da Nang so that every people who once come here has unforgettable memories.

Da Nang City - the most Worth Living City in Vietnam
Light up in Da Nang city

How to get to Da Nang?

The system of the airport, railway stations, bus stations in Da Nang is available and modern, so you can come to Da Nang by a variety of vehicles. Depending on your financial ability and needs, you can choose the means that suit you. The bus is the mean that a lot of people choose today because ticket prices are not expensive, it is relatively safe and passengers are still able to experience a lot of fun during the journey.

Enjoy the unique swing bridge crossing Han River

Han River Bridge, the symbol of the city of Danang, was built by the money and the love of the people of Danang with their hometown. Han River Bridge is the pride of Da Nang and you will be considered not to visit Da Nang if you come here without visiting the Han River Bridge.

Han River bridge is especially beautiful when night falls when the light of the twinkling lights cover the entire bridge. The tourists often flock to the locations near the bridge late at night to enjoy the beauty of shimmering light from the bridge and see firsthand the moment when the bridge rotates horizontally.

Visit Ngu Hanh Son Scenic Complex

Along the Han River Bridge, Ngu Hanh Son has been a long-standing symbol of Danang. This site is called Ngu Hanh Son because this population is made up of 5 mountains symbolizing the five basic elements creating the universe: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Situated on a vast sandy beach, Ngu Hanh Son population is dubbed the place of “majestic mountain, charming water” with poetic and magical beauty carrying many different legends.

Visit Ngu Hanh Son Scenic Complex
Visit Ngu Hanh Son Scenic Complex

Each mountain in Ngu Hanh Son has a distinct beauty, in which, Thuy Son is the largest and most impressively beautiful one. Thuy Son mountain of 106 meters high is the home to the most caves and temples. Some popular sites include Tam Thai Pagoda, Linh Ung Pagoda, Huyen Khong, Van Thong, Ban Co Caves… You can also visit the mysterious Am Phu (the Hell) cave, which is the most mysterious and largest cave in the caves system in Ngu Hanh Son.

Swim on My Khe beach – one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world

My Khe Beach was recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet by Forbes magazine, a leading economics journal in the United States. It can be said that no words can describe the beauty of My Khe Beach. The white sand beach is long and smooth, full of sunshine all year round, the blue water is so clear that we can see the sand at the bottom and sea waves are not noisy, there are also dreamy coconut trees along the beach. The sea here is quite shallow, so visitors can feel safe to swim and play water sports.

My Khe beach - one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world
My Khe beach – one of the six most beautiful beaches in the world

From the My Khe beach, you can enjoy the majestic and mysterious Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, look at Cham Island in the distance, enjoy the calm and cool waves. The scenery becomes stunning when twilight gradually falls, the sun slowly sinks into the immense sea. At that time, My Khe is put on mysterious and quiet night shirt.

Taste the definitely good food in Da Nang

Pork roll (pork wrapped in rice pancake with noodles and vegetables) is a very popular dish in Da Nang. Lean pork’s sweetness, the chewy of pancake, the softness of wet noodles, the slightly spicy and sour of the seasoning sauce and many kinds of fresh vegetables create a rustic but extremely delicious dish which is famous all over the country.

Taste the definitely good food in Da Nang
Taste the definitely good food in Da Nang

Quang noodles, pancakes, cake filled with shrimp or kinds of tea are attractive dishes which are loved by many people. In addition, you can also enjoy many other delicacies such as fish noodles, bread or Cao lầu (brown noodle with pork and greens). Each dish has a distinct taste, but all of them contain the culinary essence of many generations in Danang.

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